Analogy - SiriusHere’s a video with the lyrics of the Song “Analogy” from my album Get SIRIUS!.

The song basically explains how the dream world works as an Analogy for us to understand the eternal life. The Dream represents the short life in this temporal world in which everything changes, just as in a dream, many times making no sense, yet we don’t question it. Being Awake represents the life after death, which is eternal and shall never change, as when you compare the seconds that a dream actually lasts, to the 70 or 80 years people get to live on this Earth. It is known that a dream, although it may seem like a whole life, it only lasts a very few seconds. The same happens with this life, which even if you get to live for a 100 years, it cannot compare to an Eternity, just as Seconds cannot compare to a Century. A Nightmare feels completely real, yet when you wake up, you know it was all an illusion, the same will happen when the resurrection comes, every single person will realise that this life was nothing but an illusion, with all the evil in it.

I hope you like it, blessings.

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