Secret Societies

There are certain people in the world who worship Lucifer in exchange for power during this temporal life. The Messiah rejected Satan when he was offered all the power and fortune of this world, yet these individuals gladly bow down to the Fallen Angel, in order to control the kingdoms and material riches of this passing reality. They have formed different Secret Societies, such as the Illuminati, Freemasons, Skull and Bones, Ordo Templi Orientis, Rosicrucians and others, to ultimately establish the kingdom of Lucifer, with him as the king over the New World Order they are forming out of the chaos they themselves have caused for many years. This goal of theirs is almost done, just as prophesied in Scriptures. Here is a list of articles having to do with these Secret Societies and what they do in the world, their control over the Music Industry, Hollywood, Health, Politics, Religions, Economy, etc.

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The End Times

We are currently living in the End Times, all signs have come to pass and the last prophecies are being fulfilled, which is the subject of the following list of articles, written to proof this very fact. These are Studies based 100% on the Scriptures, while at the same time showing the current news which confirm the fulfillment of Prophecies of the Last Days. Time is literally running out and the Almighty won’t turn back from what is written, He will do every single thing He said He would, so lets each of us do our part to let the world know the Good News of the Redemption, given by the Father Yahwéh through His Son Yahushúa. The Almighty sent His Son to save us all from the fire prepared for Satan and those who follow him, by simply accepting the Messiah Yahushua as Sovereign, believing in His Death and Resurrection and confessing His Name, the simplest way possible, any one can do it.

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The Name [Yahweh Yahushua]

The pronunciation of the Names of the Father and the Son was an issue that I didn’t think it mattered at first, as most people do when I speak to them about it. However, after praying to the Almighty Creator for His guidance and revelation, I started reading the Scriptures thoroughly, searching for every single verse that had anything to do with the Names; then I also read the entire Nag Hammadi Library and other inspired books, like the Book of Enoch, the Book of Yasher, and many others that were not included in the “Bible” after the Council of Nicea, books that are confirmed as inspired by other verses of the same Bible, which happen to also shine a lot of light on the importance of keeping the Names pure and confessing them correctly. The Name is connected to everything, reason why you may find among these articles, the most relevant understanding and information you’ll ever read.

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