End Times

According to Scriptures

Signs of the End Times

This will be perhaps the most complete study you'll find on the internet regarding the specific signs that announce the End Times. We'll go through pretty much every sign that the Messiah prophesied for us to know when the last days of history would begin. I believe this article will convince you without a shadow of a doubt, that we in fact are living in the End Times, ready for the Last 7 Years, known as the Last Week of Daniel, to start at any moment.

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The Last 7 Years

An explanation of the last 7 Years of Tribulation, which the inhabitants of the earth will have to endure, mainly from the perspective of Daniel 9 and Revelation 11, which discusses the Two Witnesses that will prophecy during the first half of the Seven Years, the Beast that shall kill them and how the world will rejoice over their death.

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The Prince Who is to Come

In this study, we'll discover who is the Prince who is to come, according to the prophecy in Daniel chapter 9, a revelation that differs completely from what is commonly taught in most Christian Churches, reason why it may be controversial, however the conclusion is completely based on Scripture, which unfortunately can not be said of what is learned in churches today.

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Mark of the Beast

A revealing explanation about the Mark of the Beast mentioned in the Scriptures, showing how close the Illuminati is to implement it for its New World Order and how it connects to the Robot Agenda seen in the Music Industry, as well as the new Transhumanist Trend.

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