Here are 6 videos which I ask you to please watch entirely, they are all very important and expose some things which I have mentioned on the site before, and some other new relevant information.

Bill HR 347 Signed into Law by Obama in Secret

Let’s starts with the new bill which Barack Obama just sign into law in secret. The HR 347 makes free speech a crime and thanks to it, Federal agents have now power to bring felony charges against people protesting where the secret service may be present. There are no Free Speech zones anymore, as Judge Andrew Napolitano puts in the video, “this is a slow creeping destruction of some of our basic liberties and the president signed it in secret”.


Obama will do Anything in his power to stop a threat from Iran

In the next video, Obama discusses the issues he sees with Iran and its leader, and claims that his goal is to eliminate the supposed “nuclear threat” from Iran. He stated that he will do everything in his power to stop Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon, repeating it several times and with a firm tone, making sure people understand he is about to act, doing anything he may need to do, to get the results he wants.


Barack Obama’s Hidden Dark Past

Now it gets a bit more interesting. Listen to an internet radio report on “The Power Hour”, hosted by Joyce Riley, in which they revealed many facts about Obama’s past, some that I have mentioned here and some which have just come out a few days ago. You’ll hear information regarding Barack Obama’s boyfriend when he was a teenager, his drug use, and possibly even having been a male prostitute.

If that wasn’t enough, it also discusses the fact that he never legally changed his name from Barry Soetoro to Barack Hussein Obama. No one really knows who is his real father, the social security number he has been using for years from Connecticut is not really his, he never attended Columbia university and lied himself into Harvard.

The report also talks of how Barry ended up sending his law license back to Harvard Law school, to avoid being sued for fraud. The only place where he got to work as a lawyer, was were Michelle Obama also worked and was able to get him a job without the corresponding background check. He never filed a case alone, only simple memos, for the same reason, to avoid being sued, because of his background. Michelle also had to give up her Law License, to avoid getting Disbarred, because she was involved in corruption with the Chicago mayor’s office.


Barack Obama’s Ineligibility for President

In the next video, you’ll listen to an interview with Hollywood Producer Bettina Viviano , who worked on a documentary exposing Barack Obama, for not being a born US citizen and for presenting an obvious fake birth certificate. She claims that the Clintons were the first to start talking about Obama’s ineligibility for not being a citizen, while the Democrats try to blame the Republicans or the Tea Party.

Due to the content of the Documentary and what Bill Clinton started saying, some people were silenced and others received dead threats. Bill Clinton‘s best friend, former chairman of the Arkansas’ Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton’s super-delegate, Bill Gwatney was murder to send a message to Bill, so that he would stop talking about Obama’s ineligibility and his fake birth certificate. She says that even with the death of his best friend, Bill was ready to speak out, however this time they threaten to kill his daughter, reason why he kept his mouth shut.


Birth Certificate proven Fake yet Again

Check out this news report saying what I had discussed a while back on the article Barack Obama’s Identity, regarding the Birth Certificate presented by Obama as his. Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s team claim they began the investigation wanting to proof that the Birth Certificate was a legal document, looking to shut up all the so called “birthers”, however they ended up being convinced of the fact that Barack Hussein Obama was not born in the United States, making him ineligible for the Presidency, saying that “this may be one of the biggest scandals perpetrated on the American people.”

The head of Arpaio’s team clearly states that the certificate was “literally created in the mind of a computer and resides in cyber space”.


Obama: Jesus Would Tax The Rich

Lastly, heres the piece of footage which I found most outrageous. It is taken from the show “The Last Word” with Lawrence O’Donnell on MSNBC, in which they have started doing witn Obama’s image, what they did in the past election year, perhaps taking it a bit further.

There’s a lot to say about this video in particular since most of what is being said to the masses, is being said subliminally. Check out how the Media is helping Obama to win the elections, and even comparing him, or equating him to the Messiah Yahushua, of course with the wrong name by which the world calls him, by showing the name “Jesus” right below Obama, while at the same time having the word Taxes below Romney; and though I know what they mean on a conscious level, simply that they are discussing the subjects “Jesus & Taxes”, it is obvious that the subliminal message is that Obama is Jesus and picking Romney would mean Taxes.

They didn’t stop there, the reporter Lawrence O’Donnell even called Obama a preacher and said that “people sometimes forget Barack Obama is a politician”, as if Obama’s main occupation or calling was preaching. The reporter went as far as claiming that the first time he heard Obama, he said that “the Democrats have an electable serious candidate who can Preach, and I mean preach in the most positive possible sense of the word”. You know what these statements can cause in the minds of the faithful viewers, specially coming from the main panelist on their news show. Also, they not only call him preacher once, but several times during the short segment, which as I have mentioned before, is part of the main rules in hypnotism, the repetition of the word you wish to implant in people’s minds, what you want them to remember.

Further in the video, you’ll see the same Obama who supports Islam and has mock the Bible in the past, as you have seen in my previous articles Barack Obama, the Antichrist? and Barack Obama, the First Beast; is now quoting the Bible, using it only for his agenda of course, as he always does, this time to attract the Christians which were the majority listening to him at the moment.

The last thing which jumped to me, while they are discussing Obama’s words, was the picture of Obama with a cross behind him and the words “Campaign on Christ”. Again, I know that the direct message may be “Obama’s campaign using Christ”, however the Message for the subconscious is simply, “Obama is Christ and he is campaigning for president”.


Hope you found this information helpful, thanks for reading and for the support, peace and blessings.


  1. Michael David Hamilton

    January 8, 2016 (00:55)

    The American people aren’t powerless but they’ve been made to believe that they’re powerless through a myriad of deceptive practices. It is a ridiculously complex system that they can’t quite be entirely blamed for. The food is poisoned with chemicals that have negative/dark energies that interact with alien/foreign implants that have been put in them through abduction processes. These chips/implants affect the limbic & nervous systems within the body that get people to feed the addictive/compulsive & primitive aspects of human natural tendencies. The implants also feed their brain messages & manipulate dreams as well as other things. They use hypnosis, NLP techniques, and acting techniques as well as many other parts of the deceptive/magical arts to code/program people to do what they want. TELL PEOPLE TO GET FULL BODY X-RAYS TO LOOK FOR IMPLANTS & THEN TELL THEM TO GET AN MRI SCAN SO THE LARGE MAGNETIC FIELD WILL DISABLE THEM. It will only disable them until the dark/evil entities come and try to re-enable them again, and they will attempt to re-enable them again. Once you’ve gone through an MRI scan do your best to live your life by eating natural foods, resist lust & porn, and try to live in the light as Jesus and the other ascended masters have done. PEACE, LOVE, & MAY THE ONE & ONLY TRUE CREATOR OF ALL THINGS IN THE MULTIDIMENSIONAL UNIVERSE PROTECT YOU. 🙂

  2. Essa

    November 14, 2013 (17:27)

    Obama is a rotschildt.he is one of those human clones visioned by take control
    Of serious offices.because of their lack of
    Dna family belonging,they cannot be corrupted by anybody except thejr masters

  3. lezlow

    January 1, 2013 (09:08)

    soz, he’s doing good job, for working class

  4. Yen

    November 9, 2012 (02:23)

    So sorry to hear that.. US is led by a monster.
    God bless you, Doggstar!

  5. sean manahan

    October 13, 2012 (09:31)

    luke 10:18 and he said unto them “i beheld satan as Lightning (barak) fall from Heaven (bamah) the two ideas get connected by an O or a U thus it would read i beheld satan as barak fall from bamah or i beheld satan as Barak O Bamah

  6. KS

    June 5, 2012 (04:17)



    May 17, 2012 (14:10)

    Thanks for the comment 80’s Girl, blessings!

  8. 80's Girl

    May 9, 2012 (18:16)

    I Believe it’s both some are blind & it’s powerless to throw him out because I Believe he’s the Antichrist. It’s Supposed to happen God’s plan for the end times. God Bless Doggstar!!!!!!!!:)


    May 2, 2012 (22:04)

    Hi Esperanza, sadly most people are still blind, some just don’t want to see at all.


    April 26, 2012 (08:30)

    Am just shocked…

  11. esperanza

    April 17, 2012 (13:00)

    if the information u have given and proved, while itz not just u, many others have done this unveiling part of barack obama, then y is he still in the office?? is america that blind or is it that they r powerless to throw him out??

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