There are three very popular clothing brands at the moment which are pushing all Illuminati and Masonic symbolism in a massive and obvious way. The names of these brands are OBEY, UNIF and Rocawear, which is owned by the Illuminati puppet Jay Z. Here I’ll show you a long list of images with designs of each brand, exposing the evil behind these companies.


I’d like to start with the brand I found last, which just by its name, one can figure out their purpose, to get you to “OBEY” the system of the Beast, obey a tyrannical Government, obey a senseless President, obey the Media telling you what to think and how to vote, obey the TV telling you what do and how to act, etc.

Here you have a shirt promoting chaos, which is exactly what the Illuminati wants in order to bring a New World Order, just like the Masonic motto says, “Ordo ab Chao”, meaning Order out of Chaos.

Notice how the guy in the shirt is covering one of his eyes just like all Illuminati puppets in the Music Industry. Not only that, but he is doing it with the Dollar sign, the god of many, symbol which has the brand’s logo at the top, which is basically a pentagram with a mean face inside.

A friend pointed out to me, that the face on the logo is that of the wrestler known as Andre the Giant. After doing some research, I realized the art was created by  Shepard Fairey in 1989 as an experiment in phenomenology, the study of conscious experience, after a while, the image became known worldwide and Fairey altered it into the OBEY Giant.

[Source: Wikipedia]

The OBEY brand began using the Giant’s face inside a pentagram as their logo, which you can see a lot better on the next image. I found interesting the fact that in Scriptures it says that the giants were the offspring of the Fallen Angels, and the word used in the Bible as Giant, is the Hebrew Nephilim, which means Fallen Ones, just like Lucifer is the main fallen one.  Plus the name “Andre” means Warrior and the fallen one Lucifer is coming to destroy the earth with war and pestilence through the Antichrist. Notice also how they have altered the logo in such a way so that the face in the pentagram clearly has a horn on its forehead, not only that but they also placed a crown on it, so after putting it all together, it seems like they are representing the fallen angel Lucifer, whom they worship as god/king, through rituals in which they use Pentagrams.

On the next design, there’s the same star, on top of another one, many times used to represent a star-gate by which spiritual entities can go through. Besides this, to clear all doubt of the occult nature of this brand, both pentagrams are surrounded by an Ouroboros, which is a serpent eating its own tail, an occult symbol that represents an eternal cycle of renovation, exactly what the Masonic Motto mentioned above means, bringing a new order through chaos, destroying the way in which they controlled everyone in the past age, to go to a more efficient order for them, one of total control.

In the next shirt, you can see the brand, slogan and logo being associated with something evil, all in one picture. The design has the image of what is known as the Grim Reaper, the personification of death, with the pentagram as a mark on its forehead, and it reads “Obey” on the bottom. The only possible interpretation for this design, which by the way is obvious, is simply “Obey death”.

The Bible tells us all we need to know about death, here are just a few verses just to show you what these clothing brands are trying to do.

Romans 6:23

For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of YHWH Almighty is eternal life in the Messiah Yahushua our Sovereign.

So if you Obey death, then your master is sin.

1 Corinthians 15:56
The sting of death is sin

In the next verse, the personification of Wisdom speaks regarding this subject.

Proverbs 8:36
But he who sins against me wrongs his own soul; All those who hate me love death.”

Obeying death means hating wisdom.

How smart can that be? This is the most rhetorical question ever, yet people are wearing these shirts, supporting the message and spreading it all over.

For the next design, they decided to use another one of their occult symbols, the emblem of the Secret Society “Skull & Bones”, which has its headquarters located at the Yale University, in their temple named the Tomb. Many important personalities have been part of this brotherhood, for instance George W. Bush, his father and even his grandfather.

Besides having the so commonly used “Skull & Bones” symbol, they placed an hourglass with wings at the top, which seems to suggest that time is flying and is about to be over, judging by all the sand being on the bottom. The skull and bones symbol is also used many times to represent death, no wonder the secret society began with the name “the brotherhood of death”, so this design on the shirt could also mean the same as the shirt above, “obey death”.

The next image has a more subtle message, however I believe that if you have done any research on Mind Control programs like MK-Ultra conducted by the CIA and some of its victims who have become quite famous, then you may find it obvious.

I though it was interesting how they made a connection between the “OBEY” order, and the cartoonish drawing looking like Mickey Mouse, which reminded me of the Mickey Mouse club, where many of the aforementioned mind control programs were conducted on innocent victims while they were only children, like Britney Spears who has had her share of issues during the past few years, not being able to control the multiple personalities which arose due to the mind control programming.

Next we have another obvious design having the “All Seeing Eye” of Lucifer, which I have discussed in many other articles, not only in big, but also in a very small scale, to the right of the picture, in what they are making appear as the beginning of a tear, yet seems to actually be the top of the common Illuminati pyramid, even with a letter “I” above it, to say “eye”, just like in the logo for Britain’s Secret Service.

The big eye on the shirt, has a very small skull in the middle, again associating their brand with death. The message of the shirt is clearly to “obey the eye of Lucifer”, eye which is also present in many other Obey t-shirts.

The following design could not get more blatant, having the eye inside the pyramid, emitting the light which Lucifer, the light bearer holds, supposedly enlightening those who worship him, ergo their name, Illuminati, meaning enlightened, those who call themselves the elite and wish to be hailed, just like the shirt suggests, for all to “hail the ruling elite”.

The next couple designs have the last clue to figure out who is really the one inside the logo of the Obey brand. As explained above, it is the face of a fallen(Giant) warrior(Andre), who has a horn on its forehead and lives inside the pentagram commonly used in satanic rituals. These are good clues to figure it out, yet here we have on this shirt, one of its eyes, inside a pyramid separated at the top, making it clear that they are portraying Lucifer as the entity behind the brand, by the way they are using the name, the pentagram, the horn and now confirmed by the way they are placing one of its eyes inside the pyramid as the Eye of Lucifer.

Interestingly, in Bible symbolism, the sea represents the nations, masses of people of different beliefs, who do not follow the Most High; it also represents being under sin, or death. With this in mind, notice in the shirt above, how although the eye is in the water, the top of the pyramid remains dry above the water, which is separated like the part where the Eye of Lucifer is placed in the Illuminati pyramid, as if Lucifer was above death and the masses, which in turn are represented by the bottom of the pyramid, immersed in the water.

To finish up with the Obey brand, here’s you have a clear depiction of the Illuminati Pyramid, made of brinks and separated at the top, using the eye of the logo in it, emanating light. The shirt simply reads “obey“.


This is one of the most obviously Illuminati controlled clothing brands out there, not only are they blatantly satanic, but they are very popular thanks to the fact that many famous entertainers are using it.

The brand’s logo itself says it all, it has the eye on Lucifer in the middle of a pyramid separated at the top, with the eye taking the function of the “I” in UNIF. The slogan below reads “Hell is So Hot Right Now”, and it just shows us how they are trying to cash in from the fact of how popular Illuminati has made it to be on Lucifer side. I found interesting how even in their own stuff they relate the Eye and the Pyramid to Hell, though I know they may think hell is a place where they can sin eternally.

Here’s a simple design, using the cross and writing the brand name upside down, to let you know that the correct position of that particular cross on the shirt, is what we know as an upside-down cross, which represents satan.

In this one they use a happy face to make it all appear innocent and nice while they are actually promoting “Total Hate”.

Here is one design which is heavily promoting sex, using several known company logos, like that of the Coke, the White Sox and Frito Lay, to catch your eye while they advertise something completely different.

The next design is called “Die in Peace”, it is another shirt promoting death yet this time from UNIF instead of Obey. The image shows how the Peace Symbol is in fact a broken upside-down cross. Perhaps by seeing the shirt upside down, is how the FW can be understood, making it read “THE MF”; judge for yourselves what it means and to whom it may be referring.

Yet another t-shirt promoting death, as well as Satanism, by having the bony hand making the Horn sign, which many have been influenced into believing it means many different things, to make them use it not knowing it is a way to show others, who it is that they serve.

Another simple design, making use of the Chanel brand, they created the “Number 6SixtySix Scent From Hell” t-shirt.

Next we have another one using the same brand to give their message, telling you clearly how their designs are spiritual, saying their channel/frequency is on “the other side”, and then writing “that’s the spirit”, as encouragement to join the other side, while at the same time meaning that they refer to an spiritual side, and judging by the couple upside-down pentagrams, it refers to Lucifer’s side, just like all the other T-Shirts in this article.

Here’s a teared up t-shirt with a huge eye in the middle, obviously the Eye of Lucifer.

Again the All Seeing Eye, this time inside the Pyramid, with the Yin Yang of Taoism above, as to mean that Lucifer controls both good and evil of the world in a balance, as well as the spiritual and the physical, symbolized by the checkered floors in the Masonic Lodges. In this shirt, they are coincidentally using the moon and star also, symbols of the Islamic faith, just like in the Obey brand shown above, which next to the Taoism symbol, gives also the message that Lucifer controls all religions.

Can you see the pattern?

Another obvious and repeated pattern in UNIF, using Mickey Mouse just like in the Obey brand, because of the relation of the character to mind control programs. Here you can see it doing the horn sign with both hands, its face is the upside-down pentagram with the common image of Baphomet inside, and let’s not ignore the fact that Mickey’s body is the upside-down cross.

Here’s Mickey again, giving everyone the finger, with a skull in its hand and two upside-down pentagrams on each ear. Above it, it reads SA–AN, making it obvious that they mean SATAN, the ultimate “dirty rotten rat bastard”, yet interestingly instead of using the T (cross) which goes right in the middle, it has the Arabic writing of the name Muhammad, plainly mixing Islam with Satanism.

On the next image they openly mock the mighty and awesome Gospel of Salvation, using the cross with the “S” of Satan on top, closely resembling a dollar sign and it reads “Jesus saves, I spend”, making it a plain materialistic statement fot those who love money.

This next design is announcing that “The End is at Hand”, even suggesting Lucifer is the one bringing that End, by having the Eye in the hand. Below the hand it reads “Can You See”, still people buy these shirts and can’t see a thing.

Here’s another design, with the UNIF logo in the middle, which just by itself is Illuminati enough, with crosses on the side.

Celebrities wearing UNIF

Among the many famous entertainers who wear UNIF, we have Lil Wayne and the innocent Justin Bieber.

The next example is a picture from Lil Wayne‘s video “John“, featuring Rick Ross. The song starts with a reporter saying that “Ships of an Alien source are approaching from the sky” , connecting immediately Aliens with the end of the world as they have been doing for quite a while, so that the masses may expect it and fall for anything they stage or make happen.

Notice that in this specific video, he is wearing “the end is at hand” shirt, which I discussed above, but not only that, his head band reads “CHAOS” in big letters, making the connection with what I explained already on how Illuminati’s plan is to bring Chaos, so that they can start their New World Order, like the Masonic motto “Ordo ab Chao”. With all these, it appears to me that the song was named “John”, to make the connection with the book of Revelation, which was given to John to write.

[Source: UNIF]


Finally, I’d like to show you the clothing line owned by Freemason Jay Z. This was the first brand that I started researching, since I had noticed that it is full of Masonic Symbolism, which did not surprise me at all, having written several articles about his involvement in the Secret Society.

Here are two designs with a simple message, promoting the One World Government, which is planned to have One Religion and One Currency.

Not only are these shirts promoting the NWO, but look how the second one has the One Currency as god.

Like in the other brands, Rocawear is also using the skull, promoting death, with the pyramid and the Knight Templars Cross.

In the next design, they make another connection with a fictional character, using Optimus Prime of the Transformers with the Title of one of Jay Z‘ songs, “kingdom come”.

To figure out whose kingdom he was talking about on the song and the shirt, let’s look at another shirt also with the Transformer and another line which Jay Z used in one of his songs, “I came, I saw, I conquered”, exactly what the Eye plans to do.

As I have mentioned in previous articles, the movies Transformers are full of subliminal messages and symbolism, just like in the image below.

Lucifer and every angel that decided to follow him are called “Fallen Angels”, because they fell from Heaven, from the Favor of YHWH the Creator Almighty. Here we now have the movie called “Revenge of the Fallen”, signifying the end times in which the Fallen Angels are coming, under the rule of Lucifer, to destroy the earth as a way of revenge for loosing what they had. In the poster you can see the Pyramid and the light of the sun at the top of the Pyramid, as the Eye of Lucifer.

Next, let me show you some of the obvious Masonic designs in Rocawear.

Here we have many elements present, the Eye enlightening everything below it, possibly the hands of Jay Z doing the Pyramid, the hand shake, their book, gold, and it reads “Masters of The Craft”, a term to describe both Freemasons and those involved in Witchcraft.

The next one has Snakes twirling around, the Pyramid, the Eye and it uses another term for Freemason, “Master Builder”.

Here’s is a shirt with the Freemason’s logo, the Square and Compass, with a pyramid on the background, the eye on top of the compass and again the term “Masters of the Craft”.

The Pyramid and All Seeing Eye.

Freemason’s Square and Compass.

The Eye, Pyramid and Compass.

The two headed eagle with a crown, representing a mix of gods, to create a fake messiah that the masses will accept as king. It also represents Illuminati’s control over the East and the West.

Here you have an image of the US flag going down, with a cross made of bones and snakes moving around it.

Lastly, here’s one weird design of a TV, which has been used to program the world for years, specially the USA, as suggested by the flag in it. The TV rests on top of what seems to be the head of a goat, the Freemasons’ favorite pet, because of their god Baphomet.


After posting all these pictures of three different clothing brands, using the same exact designs, ideas and messages, if you still don’t believe that Illuminati and its control is real, then I don’t know what it will take. I mean there are tons of very relevant factual information here and out there on other sites, on all the conspiracies perpetrated by these secret societies, however all these images in this article, though simple and just a part fashion, makes it clear that we are living in a world that is obviously controlled by Satan and its so called elite.

Beware of what you wear, of what you support with your money and what message you are giving by wearing it. I mean if you are going to give a message, it might as well be a positive one. May the Almighty Creator Bless you all, peace.


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  2. Dawn

    March 5, 2017 (21:29)

    Thrasher shirts, are they filled with Satanic emblems as well?
    What is the history behind that company?

  3. Koresh

    August 13, 2016 (06:57)

    Hi Bb, I have addressed this type of comment before, you can check around the comments, to avoid repeating myself, just remember there are such people as Counter-Itelligence, Disinfo-Agents, etc. Peace.

  4. Koresh

    August 13, 2016 (06:53)

    Ok Chris, all you have to do is turn your head up side-down and is a Pentagram. Peace.

  5. Koresh

    August 12, 2016 (08:08)

    Thanks Aka, Blessings!

  6. Koresh

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    You’re very welcome Susan Shannon. Blessings!

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    Thanks Dee, I am glad to help, Blessings.

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    You’re very welcome Amos, blessings.

  9. Koresh

    August 11, 2016 (17:01)

    Hi Abraham Enoc Rico, thanks and yeah, prophecy will happen regardless, yet still, we must announce it in order to have testimony against those who won’t listen. Sure you can email me the info, sorry it took me so long to answered, i have been away from the sites for a long time. Blessings.

  10. Koresh

    August 11, 2016 (05:46)

    Yes Pietas, you;re right. It is called Moloch.

  11. Koresh

    August 11, 2016 (04:56)

    HI Amin, they want to enslave the masses, they want to control the world completely to the point that people can’t do nothing about it. They are just playing their role in history, good thing is about to be over.

  12. Koresh

    August 11, 2016 (04:51)

    Hi Piyu1154, well you are wrong, but I understand why you feel that why, I really do, cause what you say about priests is Truth, the established church is a lie, the Jesus they worship and follow is a Lie. But a Messiah did come, lived, die and resurrected, His Name is Yahushua. There is historical proof for those who need it. peace out.

  13. Koresh

    August 11, 2016 (03:38)

    Hi Jay Williams, I actually have done some research, several people have told me the same, however I included the brad Obey because Symbols have power whether you believe in them or not, whether you know what they mean or not, so using the same symbols as the enemy is basically helping them, not helping the people to find out, since people won’t just go research because they have a shirt that says Obey, that is the problem I see. I think there are many other ways to awake the people than by using all their same symbols, doing exactly the same as the others plainly satanic or mind control clothing lines, perhaps even in a much bolder way by plainly saying OBEY, while people that have no idea about what the symbols mean, or any idea about secret societies and what they are doing in the world, would use the clothing only for fashion, again falling in the same as if it were any other clothing line. I don’t believe there is any reason to use the same pyramid with the eye, pentagrams, ouroborus, death, etc; I mean is like telling people not to use or do something by using it and doing it yourself. Like saying: “this symbol is evil, I am going to wear it to show others without telling them what it is and what it does”, basically becoming another tool for them that do use the symbols, know what they mean and what they do.

    In a few words, the issue is that symbols have power and sadly people are ignorant, so because of that ignorance fall prey to those who have hidden knowledge to keep it for themselves, even if they claim to be helping.

    There are a lot of disinformation agents in the truth movement, many people claiming to hold the Truth but not the answer, leading people to the slaughter, claiming they are taking them to freedom.

    Thanks for your comment, I appreciate it blessings!

  14. adeniyi dada

    June 29, 2016 (08:40)

    thanks 4 dis post… I will HV to go and trow all d logo I HV away….. No matter wat d idol worship
    pper do …. I will Neva bow down to idol

  15. John doe

    June 28, 2016 (11:53)

    You forgot the obvious one. Black Scale….

  16. Bb

    May 6, 2016 (14:01)

    IF you actually research the the creators behind the shirt logos you will find that they are anything but Satanic. The creator of the OBEY does not have some Illuminati agenda. The motive of his art is to question everything…. to not blindly obey. You guys really need to do your research before you blatantly attack something. It’s not wise and it shows that you are as narrow minded as some people would say.

  17. Chris

    May 3, 2016 (23:59)

    Pentagram? False. That’s the PENTACLE! The Pentacle is right side up. The Pentagram is upside down.

  18. Lise

    April 6, 2016 (13:15)

    Hello doggstar:

    An interesting perspective – Not that I agree.

    In fact, I firmly believe We Create Our Reality (Realities) with our thoughts, beliefs, expectations, fears, obsessions, etc. Whatever you or I or anyone focuses our thoughts (and, therefore, our energy) on is what we manifest as our perceptions of Reality.

    And, basically, “Perception Is Reality”.

    F.Y.I ~ Regarding the UNIF T-Shirt with the Peace Sign and “F THE W” on it: “FTW” is the abbreviation for “Fcuk The World”.

    Thanks for sharing your perceptions about these things.

  19. Aka

    March 7, 2016 (08:13)

    There is no need to criticize the writer of theses articles. Anyone with five functional senses can sense Satanism in the obey and other images. For example, how do you explain father chrismas (Santana) in a skeletal form with a harvesting sickle and obey? all is satanic. Les all stand up and preach against this rubbish by these doomed singers because they are destroying young people worldwide through the media. Children think all these satanic brothers do and sing about is Ok.

    Thanks for the write-up

  20. Just a random guy

    February 23, 2016 (23:02)

    Hi Koresh,

    First of all thx for ths interesting article. Been interested to know our common ennemy (illuminati, S and bones, Bohemian grove etc…) but neve thought about the wearing industry. Really good job…(applause) BUT!

    But what u said 3 years ago in comments about muslims and antechrist and the way it is totally different with Christians is BS, sorry.
    Actually muslims consider Jesus son of Mary (Issa ibn Maryam god bless him) as the messiah coming at the end of times to fight antechrist, they acknowledge him as born from divine intervention and his mother mary, Messiah Elie confronting people of Baal…same story, Noah, Moses same etc. Ring a bell? (Muslims are just proning the unicity of God whom no one has given birth and who has no child)

    I can even quote something most Christians don’t know:
    Deuteronomy 14:8 “And the swine because it devideth the hoof, yet chewet not the cud, it is unclean to you: ye shall not eat of their flesh, nor touch their dead carcase.” Quite close to muslim habits don’t you think?
    I read the 3 books, not just only the Bible or half of it and if you did so for your own culture you would have seen that everything matches from the creation of Adam till the signs of the apocalypse. Islam also acknowledge the bible and the torah as gods words and punish those who disrespect them.

    We are just people of a unique god who warned us long ago about these dark days and the illuminati evil who will bring discordance between us by any means (provoked chaos/terror, hate and fear, blood sex and money…)) as it already did back in times with idolatry. So please stop playing their game like youths playing their game by wearing these shirts unintentionnally.

    Btw dude… “Allah” in arabic LITERALLY (aka word to word) means “the Highest”. >> Its not a nickname given by Muslims or whatever ppl think.
    In fact he has 99 names: “the sovereign “, “the Almighty “, the exceedingly merciful” etc etc

    2pac Killuminati ‘s the best .
    Peace and ty again for this article bro!

    (Sorry for the mistakes I’m not an English-speaking country native, learned it as i learned about religion)

  21. Susan Shannon

    February 10, 2016 (23:52)

    thanks for taking the time to collate it in one article. Very helpful. Thanks.

  22. Kevin

    August 8, 2015 (04:51)

    Thanks for posting this. More people should open their eyes and see what is going on. All these companies are ultimately ruled by the Rothchild zionist….including all governments and religians. These printings on the shirts, next to all other means “they” use, are desperate attempts to keep humanity under control. Kids think its cool and copy each other with “fashion”. We as parents need to edjucate them and show what is really behind these cool items. More and more people start believing in themselves and see that true humanity does not need religion, race, military, power, school, money etc. True humanity means ALL possibility, Open your eyes and fight for real humanity. I dont believe in a god, I dont believe in a country or flag, I believe in what we once were, and will be again…humans.

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    God bless you OK I wondered the obey shirt and I am surprised to see this .God bless you for posting it.

  25. Abraham Enoc Rico

    April 1, 2015 (10:26)

    Great article and proof. I wish this could be shown to the whole world but prophecy is prophecy and has to happen no matter what. But , hey I was doing some shopping at Bealls and came across a shirt from the brand “South Pole”; which has a great deal of masonic and satanic symbols and well i was wondering if you’d maybe wanna check it out if i emailed it to you. Man i don’t know maybe the brand will be added to the list.

  26. Abraham Enoc Rico

    April 1, 2015 (10:20)

    Great article. I wish this could be shown to the whole world but, prophecy is prophecy and will happen no matter what. Hey, I was doing some shopping at Bealls when i discovered something on the brand “South Pole”; which has a great deal of masonic and satanic symbols and was wondering if you’d like to check it out if i emailed it to you.

  27. bob

    April 1, 2015 (09:33)

    If you flip the obey pentagram it is baphomet. Ears, horns, eyes, mouth and even the torch thing.

  28. Pietas

    March 31, 2015 (21:56)

    wow yea that is really satanic. but you know they also have just “harmless” not harmless at all designs on clothing of demons, and I’ve been finding the typical one being the little owl demon on the dollar bill and at Bohemian Grove. I find it’s face a lot. It’s in clothing, it’s on furniture, it’s on wallpaper, it’s in symbols in the media, it’s in jewelry, and it’s even embroidered into underwear.

  29. Jonathan LAULESS

    March 21, 2015 (13:35)

    Me February 20, 2015 at 10:50 pm>Grow a brain read the bible,and You grow up,,this is all real im probably old enough to be your father..he should have whipped you more…grow a brain ,look around at all the evil,.the drugs the gangs corruption >Please..oh Christina way ta go girl you hit the nail on da head..>
    Christina December 29, 2014 at 3:59 pm
    11Do not participate in the unfruitful deeds of darkness, but instead even expose them; 12for it is disgraceful even to speak of the things which are done by them in secret. 13But all things become visible when they are exposed by the light, for everything that becomes visible is light.
    -Ephesians 5:11

    also i have Video who ever is interested with a FBI agent that has solid proof Michael Jackson WAS killed by Illuminati..and a member of the Illuminati for 47 years that will scare you to death..think of Obama he is the anti Christ,

  30. Jonathan LAULESS

    March 21, 2015 (13:27)

    All of this shirts company’s,clothing name it most of it is owned by the Illuminati,your only vice is God,and only God this is all written in the bible and suppose to happen,so Dont doubt any of up there in age,wise,rough around the edges,ex military and know alot from being in the middle east SE Asia name it,,,,all of this is pure evil,,,don’t try to analyze is what it is..bless all of you who fight against this evil crap..and oh yea,..we aren’t Buying oil in the middle east we are providing our service as bonified safety patrol’s to safely Secure the oil for geed’s purposes and the filthy Rich,men like Bush brothers etc..think elite Rich and that’s who is doing all the damage for satan

  31. john doe

    March 6, 2015 (19:04)

    Honestly what you said about Obey was completely wrong the idea is to question the system and common beleif and create your own interpretation. Yes these secret societies do exist, yes some of these clothes are in fact promoting these societies, but they are doing it to turn a profit and i highly doubt the illuminati even wants this exposure. There is a reason why they have been kept a secret society…

  32. Melissa Mora

    March 5, 2015 (13:40)

    Hi Penelope. Thanks for the support. Yahweh bless you.

  33. Melissa Mora

    March 5, 2015 (11:35)

    Hello Matt. We appreciate your testimony, may Yahushua’s blood protect you from evil and all fears, we hope you find peace through YAHWEH’s Son. Blessings.

  34. Melissa Mora

    March 4, 2015 (12:55)

    Hi GCB. We are very glad the information helped. Yahweh bless you too.

  35. Melissa Mora

    March 3, 2015 (17:31)

    Hello ShaDiana. Just because someone doesn’t believe in the Illuminati it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Regards.

  36. Me

    February 20, 2015 (22:50)

    The shirts are art, dickhead. That’s all they are. You are reading too much into then with your fantasies and paranoid fairytales. Grow up.

  37. Azel

    February 4, 2015 (08:12)

    Thank you for posting this article. I took the time to read it in class today. I already saw these symbols on the clothes that people wear in school and wanted a little more information. I mean , this is all a preparation for the new world order. Its sad how people see these shirts as cool and awesome and that religion is for blind people. What I’ve noticed is that athiests won’t leave religious people alone, always talking shit, always using science to defend their bullshit ass statements. Weak ass people. How do they not see the evil? They live in it.

  38. Christina

    December 29, 2014 (15:59)

    11Do not participate in the unfruitful deeds of darkness, but instead even expose them; 12for it is disgraceful even to speak of the things which are done by them in secret. 13But all things become visible when they are exposed by the light, for everything that becomes visible is light.
    -Ephesians 5:11

  39. amin balaka

    December 12, 2014 (11:03)

    What do these pple want frm us

  40. Penelope Heckelman

    December 7, 2014 (21:44)

    I always knew that there were evil people and underling evil cults because The Lord told me in His Word. I thought He was teaching me how to live my life daily and recognize the evil that was around me (my world). In the last three weeks my eyes have been opened dramatically. My Lord was also treaching me about things to come. You r clothing article has helped me tremendously. I had to stop listening to Kenneth Copeland. My eyes are open wide now. Thank you again. PS stay grounded in God’s Word.

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