Artists Selling their Souls to the DevilHere’s a clip from a Comedy Show called “the Mighty Bush”, which right away seems a bit blasphemous when you think of the “Burning Bush” and connect it to the video you’re about to see.

One of their sketches, basically portrays how a Jazz fan sells his Soul to the Devil, in order to become one of the greatest Jazz musicians in the world. Although a joke, what is said in the video is a clear example of what really happens in the industry, Entertainers in fact Sell their Souls to become possessed by a Spirit that performs through them, not knowing that Satan will put them through hell while doing it, taking all dignity and morals from them, reason why the best candidates are those who have none.

Due to copy right issues, you’ll listen to the audio while seeing images from the clip, some of which, I use to point out a couple of interesting details from it, that I would not want you to miss.

Enjoy the video, stay strong, and may the Almighty bless you.



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