1. Koresh

    August 26, 2017 (06:21)

    Yes Reno, TomorrowLand also has its subliminal satanic Illuminati messages, no doubt. Just because I haven’t made a video or article exposing them doesn’t mean I support them. I just focused on Qlimax on this video, as simple as that, it doesn’t mean all other concerts are good, that is no logical at all. Obviously you did not get the message, or the reason why I say what I say, if you want to see the video again and pay attention to what they themselves say, that would be helpful, that is why I said what I said, becuase of what they say, not because is my opinion, but due to your reasoning, I doubt would get it, peace out.

  2. Reno

    August 23, 2017 (19:28)

    Nah, i’m fine with that. I’ve been to Qlimax and i did not see anything. Just because they use a Cross at their stage, doesn’t mean they were a satanic ritual. Qlimax has their own view, If you do more research not by your own intuition, maybe you will understand about it. How about Tomorrowland? They have the Illuminati logo on them and you did not talk about it? And i wanna know how did you know that the Dj’s are called “Demons”, so by that, you meant that all of the DJ’s are a demon, because people always putting their hands up when the dj play?

  3. GT

    May 5, 2016 (14:32)

    I am a dj and have been involved with all types of music. The one style of music I find hard to listen, not because I do not like the style is hardcore and to certain extent hardstyle. Musically I do like these styles, but the message or the spirit in the music just flat out unnerves me. I get very agitated, angry, and all peace of mind escapes me after listening to hardcore.

  4. carls

    February 17, 2015 (21:50)

    I agree with the writer, just a fool will not understand the hidden agenda behind this events. Just a joke my ass, and im no christian, not catholic, not even religious. I believe in science and proven facts mostly. But this is a psychological rape to the mind. Free yourselves, lose your minds, submit to the ancient power, blah, blah. That sounds exactly like a machine to wash minds. And the psychic vibration people give the powers behind this event is big, thats their main objective, they dont give a fk about people lives. All they care is energy, and in their world, humans are just batteries.

  5. Chris Elliott

    July 7, 2014 (12:29)

    Ok, I’ve been listening to Hardstyle music for over 9 years now. I have never heard any hidden
    messages telling me to kill myself, kill others, denounce Jesus, worship the Dark Lord. I have been
    studying this music vehemently for the past decade, and have listened to well over 5,000+ tracks, and
    can honestly say that maybe 0.5% not even 1% of the tracks have dark references.
    The Themes used in the festivals on the other hand, have a lot of people speculating
    conspiracy theories relating to the Illuminati (Defqon 1 2012, symbol of eye in pyramid), or Demon
    masks 2013 theme, and the coming Mark of the Beast Defqon 1 2014 (symbol of defqon on forehead of
    what appears to be a cow like man face).
    Qlimax another festival held in the Netherlands have had some VERY dark themes, or
    movie like sets especially in 2004, 2005, 2006, and even in 2007 with the DJ’s dressed in robbed
    like figures. Even Showtek, appeared in 2006 wearing devil horns, which made everyone gasp,
    even me. I believe that the Netherlands are simply fascinated with darker themes, much like
    someone who loves watching scary, or ghostly movies. The mystery of darkness!
    It’s not an altar, it’s not a church, it’s a festival of music with themes attached. And
    not all their themes are dark. The DJ’s don’t even know what the theme is going to be about, and
    obviously they’re not satans demons preaching to the masses. They are there simply for
    the love of the music. The people don’t care about the themes, they love the music, and are
    only their primarily for the music; A gathering of people that all share the same common taste in music,
    and obviously the drugs, alcohol, and other euphoric atmospheres heighten the experience.
    The sadness pertaining to themes is the music is very good, too good, and as with
    anything, if something starts to become too high, what is the best way to bring it back down?
    (Religious Guilt). I believe the whole Hardstyle music genre is a test. They have allowed
    for the Highness of music to be released, but they’ve attached dark satanic relevances to it, just
    in case it becomes too high, and like I said before, anything that becomes too high, you have to
    have a way to bring it back down, and the best way is to bring forth religious interference.
    If anything the themes were created by religions once they allowed for the Highness of Hardstyle
    release just in case they ever needed to bring it back down away from a continued greatness.
    There are also DJ’s that have released darker styles of dance music, which are also part
    of this conspiracy, which can influence the religious aspects simply by creating a few dark songs
    into hopefully assigning all Hardstyle music to a satanic music statue. I believe it’s a test, and the
    more you see satanic themes, darker sounds, the more it shows it’s being torn down because it’s simply
    becoming too great.
    I can create a theme of a giant UFO spaceship, add the music, then what? You have to have a
    leash on your dog at all times, unless it gets away. Satanic references were inserted before it even
    started, which will be used to unfluence all to get away from it, because the dog is figuring out a way
    to get off its leash. The music is not satanic, the themes are there lightly upon your mind, until
    one day if it becomes too high them you will probably see Satan up on stage dancing, and humping demons,
    just to steer everyone away from this type of music, which has, and is becoming too high…

  6. Koresh

    June 14, 2013 (16:46)

    Hi Isaac you yourself said it and I agree, just like Mozart, who wrote a song for Freemasonry, part of the Illuminati. I know many have no idea about what they are doing, even many of those involved in it, but it is not coincidental that they use those themes at all.

  7. Isaac

    March 12, 2013 (19:57)

    i’ve been into this music for more than 10 years now. write it myself, and have watched many videos, talked with many people about these events, and heard things said from the artists themselves. THIS IS A SHOW. its VERY MUCH like Mozarts symphonies, a very large composition of music together to form a large melody with breaks builds to give an emotional response to the crowd. its not like they are trying to get you to change the way you think. THE MAIN DRIVING POWER behind the people that go to these things and the artists is to forget everything and ENJOY THE MUSIC. we all just want to get along and forget about the problems of the world and just live in the moment for a time. sure they put satanic things into some of these events (and i dont really think that is cool at all being a strong believer in Jesus Christ myself) but my point is that there is no Illuminati involvement in this whatsoever. i really wish you would remove this page because its REALLY bashing an amazing gathering of people and an amazing event. you are leading people astray by having this here i hope you know that. us “hardstylers” have a saying: Hardstyle is our style. its literally ALL about the music. it is hard dance music with a “classical” vibe to it in the way its mixed and put together.


    June 20, 2012 (10:18)

    Hi again lollll, I did just hear about them, I studied them,but to answer your question I heard about it 16 years ago, ever since knew and research about them. Also, before coming and ask me stuff that I have all ready written, please read the whole site.

  9. lolllll

    June 19, 2012 (09:59)

    it doesnt metter what i read or not the true story about illuminati it doesnt exist anymore illuminati survived in sec 17 only11 years… so please tell me what you know about a illuminati and where did you heard all of this shit about them? for you all what is mean massonery is illuminati? and all dj’s or artistd are they sold the soul to illuminati…. give us all things what you know abot…. not just a simple theory like …”eminem and lady gaga sold the soul to illuminati”

  10. SIRIUS

    June 19, 2012 (09:48)

    Hi lolllll where have I ever said that just by listening to music you are selling your soul, it is obvious you have not really read what I write.

  11. lolllll

    June 18, 2012 (15:15)

    omg dude you are a fucking nuts? or you are absoded by the theory of conspiracy…how i could sell my soul to evil if i listening this music? you are an retard seriously what shit you eat about is not true …..this fesitval qlimax it is just a joke you asshole

  12. SIRIUS

    July 5, 2011 (14:24)

    Thank you very much for your words Olajubutu, I haven’t had any direct threats, I only have had issues with the site on some occasions, I just haven’t reached as many people yet, but I will with the blessings and power of the Most High Yahweh, then we’ll see, blessings!

  13. Olajubutu kayode

    July 1, 2011 (06:24)

    this is crazy mehn. Even the dj’s are even puppet or do i say under d mind control of the illuminati..the end is near.. Sirius, u are doing a great job..i av a question for u…aint u receiving any threate from these so called assholes who call em selves illuminati.? Cos to me u ar already killing d illuminati.. Or shud i say u are a killuminati just like 2pac and d rest.. 9ce job anyways.. Blessings..

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