Pope Speaking in Front of Baphomet Jesus

Tonight I was switching through the channels on TV and the image of the Pope speaking in front of a Jesus painted in the same position as Baphomet struck out to me, he even has the fingers of his left hand in the same position as Baphomet, while in his right hand he is holding something, maybe also of importance, is amazing to see the things they do, I had seen it once before a while back, but thankfully, this time I was able to get the name of the place he was speaking at, you be the judge.


I know there will always be some arguments defending him, but in the Vatican and most importantly at the level of the Pope, they  know the occult pretty well and for sure they knew Baphomet when painting the Jesus doing the infamous “as above so below” of Lucifer the god of Freemasons, and when it comes to the Catholic Church and their Popes, they are definitely known for doing some questionable acts, with their own sad justifications.




Replica of Noah’s Ark

The man you see in the picture has built a working Replica of Noah’s Ark and is opened for visitors in Schagen Netherlands, his name is Johan Huibers a Dutch Creationist, who did it as way to proof the literal truth of the Bible, using it as the guide, doing the exact scale  given in the Bible, it is about three-thirds of a Football field and as tall as a three-story house, he did the work mostly with his own hands with occasional help from his son Roy, he began to build it in May 2005.

Very nice and inspiring, I am sure it most be amazing to look at and to be inside, thanks to Navywife for the info.

Something I find interesting is when I put this story next to what Yahushua said…

Matthew 24:37
But as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.

Isn’t funny, how now we even have in the world, an exact replica of what save Noah and his family(the Few), during the first baptism of the world through water, now so close to the baptism of fire, as a reminder that we must enter the spiritul ark(Yahushua) to be save from the coming fire.

Peace Y’all!

Info: Barack Obama is a CIA Creation [Illuminati Control]

today I’m bringing a very interesting video exposing President Barack Obama, as a CIA creation, surprisingly enough, by a TV News Report. However, for some people, this is not really news, since besides this report, there’s a lot of information that has come out regarding this very fact, that basically Barack Obama was grown his entire life for his current Position as President of the USA, and maybe even leader of the World.

Info: Masons Worship Lucifer and they Admit it [Secret Societies]

This video should really help open the eyes of those who have the wrong impression regarding Freemasonry or just don’t know anything about it. There are books written by very important Masons, like Albert Pike and Manly P. Hall, saying explicitly that the god of Freemasons is Lucifer and that the Mighty One of Scriptures is the Evil one, as well as the fact that after they have given their souls to these evil entities, they receive power in this life.

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