Info: The Force Behind the Music Industry [Satanism in Hip Hop]

Listen to the Fresh Prince (Will Smith) sing about giving his soul to a demon, also look at footage of LL Cool J showing his connection with the pyramid, Mobb Deep rapping about what Illuminati wants, and Snoop Dogg selling his soul to Satan in the video “Murder was the Case”. By the end, there are pictures of several artists also revealing their alliance to Lucifer and its kingdom.

Info: Alien BBC Ad programming the World for what’s coming

I find it amazing, how most people still do not recognize we are living in the End Times, even though there are signs everywhere. Just watching TV and seeing how society thinks and acts nowadays should be enough, but still, the masses believe everything is normal. With this in mind and what has been discussed on the site concerning the coming disclosure on the existence of “Aliens”, check out the Ad below, from the channel BBC of the United Kingdom.

Info: What Really Happened in 9/11 [New World Order]

Hi everybody, here’s a very informative video regarding what really happened on 9/11/2001. Please watch the video all the way through and listen carefully. Notice how there were a bunch of explosions, even before the planes hit the Towers, of which many happened down in the Lobby. Also, for some “odd reason”, notice how the building 7 also was brought down, even though no plane touched it, it just fell like in a regular demolition, among many other things that happened, like the second plane not really being a commercial plane, how the authorities lied about the danger of inhaling the dust days after the tragedy, causing more people to die because of it during the next few years, than the number of deaths during the actual disaster.

Info: UFO Disclosure | The Ultimate Deception [UFO’s | Aliens]

Hello everyone, it seems like UFO Disclosure is around the corner, everything is working as a set up for what they plan in the near future, which will be a huge deception. They are paving the way with a bunch of reports on the media about a new ‘inhabitable planet’, as well as the existence of UFOs and Aliens, even naming Earth’s first interstellar Diplomat, a lady by the name of Mazlan Othman.

Info: One World under the Influence of Satanic Secret Societies

Check out this short video, showing a news report talking about the new structure which replaced the Twin Towers in New York. The new tower is 1776 feet tall, using symbolism as they always do, since in 1776 is when the Illuminati was established and began working for a New World Order through the United States, all the way from its faction in Columbia, England, reason why they decided to start the country (Company) of the United States that same year, with its headquarters coincidently in Washington D.C. (District of Columbia).

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