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Mixtape: ReNewEvo | Koresh [2015]

Mixtape: ReNewEvo | Koresh [2015]

Here’s the second Mixtape by Koresh, entitled ReNewEvo, with tracks in both English and Spanish, lyrics of Spiritual Warfare, filled with revelation and truth, exposing the enemy, bringing a renewal to the Hip Hop Scene. | Aquí tienen el Segundo Mixtape de Koresh, titulado ReNewEvo, con canciones en Ingles y Español, letras de Guerra Espiritual, llenas de revelación y verdad, exponiendo al enemigo, trayendo una renovación a la escena del Hip Hop.

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Ke$ha’s Illuminati Video Die Young

Hi everyone, I've been extremely busy working on my upcoming album, reason why I haven't been writing as much on the site, but as usual there's a lot on my to-do list so please stay tuned. Here's a new article having to do with another Illuminati Puppet in the Music Industry going by the name of Ke$ha, showing her love for riches in her name, which is the root of all evil, reason why it should not be surprising to know that she has sold out. Kesha has just come out with an obvious Illuminati video, showing her alliance to Satan in many different ways, through her lyrics and through the video, they are being more and more open about it with time, as if they were close to achieving their goal, this article is proof.

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Ke$ha's Illuminati Music

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