The Firmament Discovered, here's a report regarding an experiment conducted by scientist at MIT, through which they "discovered" the Firmament mentioned in Scriptures. John Foster, an associated director at MIT's said that "What this tells us is if you parked a satellite or an orbiting space station with humans just inside this impenetrable barrier".

Song: Diferente al Resto I went to the studio this weekend to record a new track, hoping to be more present here bringing many new things, many more songs, more music videos, as well as books and videos with highly relevant information for our times, basically explaining everything that has to do with the lyrics of my songs, which are of course very different from everything that you hear nowadays, which is why this new song is entitled “Diferente al Resto” ("Different from the Rest") and is the first track of the next Mixtape which is called "One [אחד] One"

Mixtape: ReNewEvo's the second Mixtape by Koresh, entitled ReNewEvo, with tracks in both English and Spanish, lyrics of Spiritual Warfare, filled with revelation and truth, exposing the enemy, bringing a renewal to the Hip Hop Scene. | Aquí tienen el Segundo Mixtape de Koresh, titulado ReNewEvo, con canciones en Ingles y Español, letras de Guerra Espiritual, llenas de revelación y verdad, exponiendo al enemigo, trayendo una renovación a la escena del Hip Hop.

Video: Run From The Future future tribulation will desolate the entire world, with all its people in it. When the Almighty shakes the heavens and the earth, Lucifer will fall and find its end. This is a warning to the world and to the enemy, time's up, "Run From The Future".

Video: U Copy? Hop Video Exposing the Illuminati and the New World Order (NWO) by Rap Artist Koresh. The Industry is full of Copies produced by the System of the Beast.
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