Ke$ha’s Illuminati Video Die Young

Hi everyone, I’ve been extremely busy working on my upcoming album, reason why I haven’t been writing as much on the site, but as usual there’s a lot on my to-do list so please stay tuned. Here’s a new article having to do with another Illuminati Puppet in the Music Industry going by the name of Ke$ha, showing her love for riches in her name, which is the root of all evil, reason why it should not be surprising to know that she has sold out. Kesha has just come out with an obvious Illuminati video, showing her alliance to Satan in many different ways, through her lyrics and through the video, they are being more and more open about it with time, as if they were close to achieving their goal, this article is proof.

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Ke$ha’s Illuminati Music

Info: Patrick Clawson calls for ‘Crisis Initiation’ (False Flag) to start War

Patrick Clawson, who is part of the influential Neo-con Washington Institute for Near East Studies, openly suggested that the United States should provoke Iran into taking the first step towards war. He called for a “Crisis Initiation”, claiming that if the Iranians refuse to compromise, then somebody else should start the war, which means that either way, the war will happen.

End Time’s Bible Prophecy being Fulfilled

The Syrian President Bashar Assad has said that he isn’t afraid to meet the same fate as the former leaders of Libya and Egypt, which if it were to happen, it would make him the third leader to be taken out during Obama’s Presidency. He claims the U.S. has been fueling the uprising, saying that Washington ultimately bears responsibility for the deaths of innocent civilians in the Middle Eastern nation, also claiming that most of the Syrian people are behind him:

Obama advisor warns “End of the world is Near” [May 20th 2012]

I just want to give you all the heads up for today and the coming couple weeks, since there’s so much pointing to a possible big event happening. I was not so sure if I should write anything, but as I have been checking the earthquakes around the world today, I have noticed a considerable increase in the amount, compared to any day of the past week.

Info: FEMA prepares for an UFO Attack [Fake Alien Invasion Coming]

Fire Fighters are now being trained by FEMA, to prepare for an Alien Invasion. In their “Fire Officer’s Guide to Disaster Control” found in ‘fire houses’ across the USA, there are many different scenarios, however chapter 13th, entitled “Enemy Attack and UFO Potential”, says that fire fighters may experience the “unexpected arrival of UFO’s in your communities”.

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