Illuminati Celebrities

Music Industry Exposed

October 30, 2010

Hello people, here's a nice video showing many of the things which I have already written about here on the site, as wel...Read More »

The MTV Music Awards

September 15, 2010

Hey People, I was watching the MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs) this weekend and was a bit surprise to not see too many obv...Read More »

Alicia Keys Sold Out

September 2, 2010

Here is a quick video with some pictures of Alicia Keys doing some signs and making use of several Satanic symbols used ...Read More »

"Power" by Kanye West

August 11, 2010

Hello everyone, I have received some emails and comments concerning Kanye West's latest Video "Power", and even though o...Read More »

Eminem and Illuminati

August 9, 2010

Many people have come through asking me if I believe Eminem is now going against the Illuminati in his latest album Reco...Read More »

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  1. Mukoso P.K March 23, 2015 at 1:05 pm

    According to what I ready: it says illuminati is an organization not a heaven that will may be gather people and recreate them. Its just an organisation that works with what they say they are. Just like oldmutual: sanlam and cliental life. Everyday they speak about themself and their products and how good they are; if u feel offended with ur believe dont commend on illuminati coz u dont believe in them. Simple……..

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