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New Album: 2 SIRIUS (B) | Koresh [2014]

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I've been gone for a long time, a lot has happened, but thanks to the Almighty, I am finally back, and stronger than ever; now with the Second Half of the Album 2 SIRIUS, called SIRIUS B (ת), composed by twelve tracks of Spiritual Hip Hop announcing the End Times prophesied in The Scriptures and exposing the System of the Beast, the Illuminati and its New World Order. Words of Wisdom in Hip Hop Lyrics by Koresh The Seer, awakening the masses to the reality of the times we're living in.

Ke$ha's Illuminati Video Die Young

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Hi everyone, I've been extremely busy working on my upcoming album, reason why I haven't been writing as much on the site, but as usual there's a lot on my to-do list so please stay tuned. Here's a new article having to do with another Illuminati Puppet in the Music Industry going by the name of Ke$ha, showing her love for riches in her name, which is the root of all evil, reason why it should not be surprising to know that she has sold out. Kesha has just come out with an obvious Illuminati video, showing her alliance to Satan in many different ways, through her lyrics and through the video, they are being more and more open about it with time, as if they were close to achieve their goal, this article is proof.

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Ke$ha's Illuminati Music

Shaquille O'Neal's Profession is Freemasonry

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Check out this piece of footage, in which a proud Shaquille O'Neal announces to the world that he is a Freemason, right after being asked if he is one because of the Masonic ring he is wearing, he states "of course I am!", calling it his profession, and right when they ask about secret ceremonies, he immediately tells them to "stop it" and changed the subject back to basketball.

Illuminati's Obey, UNIF and Rocawear

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Here's an article I've been wanting to post for a while, showing how Illuminati's control and symbolism has spread now even through fashion and how it has become more and more obvious every day. There are three "important" clothing brands which are using all types of Illuminati, Masonic and Satanic imagery on their products, to give a very specific message, and just coincidentally, many celebrities are now starting to wear these brands.

People must be aware of what they are supporting and the message they are giving with the clothes they wear. If you have any doubts about Illuminati's existence and its control, please take a look at how these three different clothing brands are pushing the exact same Satanic message.

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Illuminati Clothing Brands

Did Michael Jackson Know his End?

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I decided to post some information I've had for a while, as an update to the articles regarding Michael Jackson's murder. Some pieces of lyrics from his songs "Morphine" and "Tabloid Junky", and a letter written by his ex-wife Lisa Mary Presley, seem to clearly explain how Michael actually knew the way in which he was going to die, what type of drug they would use to kill him and the reason why they did it, mainly speaking out against the way the system works and not wanting to support it any longer.

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Michael Jackson Knew his End

Is Eminem going against the Illuminati?

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It's been a while since I come around to write an article, I am working very hard on my next album, which by the way is coming real nice, so it has been a bit hard to post articles or videos. I have to use time as efficiently as possible to do everything I have been meaning to do, so please be patient for there's lots of great Music, Videos and Information coming.

Today I just wanted to write an article concerning Eminem, due to the many emails and comments I have received regarding whether or not he has quit the Illuminati and is now going against it. This is a question which rose in the minds of many of his fans after listening to songs like "Not Afraid" in which he seems to speak out against something which is not very clear, yet many have concluded is the Illuminati. In this article I give you my point on view, based on the evidence, still whatever it is, I pray for His Salvation just like the Salvation of any other entertainer or person in the world, hope you enjoy the article. Blessings!.

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Is Eminem Still in the Illuminati?

Illuminati's puppet band, 30 Second to Mars

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Blessings everyone, today I wanted to post a great video exposing a very obvious Illuminati band called '30 Seconds to Mars', they seem to be infatuated, as many other entertainers, with using Satanic and Illuminati symbolism, their logo is a Pyramid with a capstone in other cases a Phoenix, which in Occultism represents Lucifer, they also use the pyramid hand-sign just like Jay Z, Kanye and others. Their videos and songs are filled with subliminal messages, some very direct ones, like singing for a "Brave New World", which is another term used for a New World Order, not only that but in the video for the same song they flash on the screen the words "Lucifer, Power, Fame" for a second, coming out of the mouth of their lead singer who coincidentally is also a famous Hollywood actor by the name of Jared Leto, who has been part of many movies with the same Illuminati symbolism that on his music.

The video also explains some of the messages behind the Movie Transformers, for which they made the soundtrack, a film full of symbolism regarding the coming deception, as I have mentioned in earlier articles. Lastly by the end of the video, there's a piece of footage from an interview in which Jared Leto blatantly promotes the Illuminati's depopulation agenda, and right after that, you'll see Bill Gates at the annual TED conference, also expressing the same idea regarding depopulation, yet in this case actually explaining how to achieve it in a major and faster way, through Vaccines, Health Care and Reproductive Health Services.

Is time to wake up, people must be aware of the world we live in and of what 'the powers that be' have prepared for the coming years, blessings.

Tyler's Creation, Odd Future (OFWGKTA)

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Several readers and friends from the site have asked me to please post an article exposing a rapper named Tyler "the creator" and his group "Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All", an obviously satanic conglomerate of skaters, producers and rappers, influencing the youth into all kinds of evil, call it murder, rape, necrophilia and a whole lot of satanic symbolism, in their clothing, lyrics and videos.

The Hip Hop industry is getting more and more inundated with Satanic performers, they no longer use that many subliminal messages, now is out in the open and what is sadder, yet not surprising, is all the support they get from big corporations like MTV who awarded them as the “Best New Artist” in the 2011 VMAs, for the song "Yonkers", promoting suicide and clearly showcasing a case of demonic possession.

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Tyler’s Satanic Odd Future (OFWGKTA)

Rapper The Game speaks on 2012, not the Illuminati

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Here's a very interesting Interview, rapper the Game is asked what he thinks about the year 2012, which he answers without hesitation and quite sure, plainly saying that everyone is going to die. Some people think he may be speaking sarcastically, which is fine if so, but what made me put the video on here, was the reaction by The Game when asked about the Illuminati, he just closed his mouth, got up and finished the interview until someone pulled the question back, since he said he would not comment on those people, the Illuminati, clearly fearing for his life, which he still claims is going to loose on 2012 so I don't see the point, could he just be helping to spread fear.

Illuminati Symbolism in Netherlands Hip Hop

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My friend Crabbez sent me this video and was kind enough to help me translate it, it has to do with the Hip Hop scene in Netherlands, usually called Netherhop. The video first gives an introduction of the most common Satanic Hand-signs like the Horns and the 666 as well as the Illuminati Symbols, like the Pyramid, the All seeing Eye of Horus (Lucifer), and the Square and Compass of the Freemasons, then it shows how all these are being used by politicians, musicians and actors. The video then goes on to show many examples of Hip Hop entertainers of renown in Netharlads, using the symbols and doing all the same hand signs as all the rest of Illuminati puppets, many times doing the Pyramid with the one eye in the middle, even though they are a long way from Roc-a-fella.
I cannot understand how many still believe all these is not real.

Get SIRIUS! by SIRIUS The Dogg Star

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Hey brothers and sisters, I hope everybody is doing great, today I leave you with another quick video I put together, this time for the song Get SIRIUS!, off the album by the same name, as always, against the Illuminati and their New World Order, exposing some of the snakes in the Industry, hope you enjoy it.

Remember you can Download the Album right here for Free.

Satanic Symbolism in Hip Hop and Hollywood

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Here's a video I had posted before everything suddenly disappeared from the site, what I had written got deleted so here we go again, the video is part of the series Satanism in Hip Hop, it shows several scenes from movies and music videos in which all the Illuminati Satanic symbolism is used, you'll see Baby from Cash Money doing the Horns with his hand while having a Pentagram on the top of his head, Masonic symbolism as well with Kanye West on his Short-film "Runaway" doing the "As above, so Below" of Baphomet, the god of Freemasons, representing bringing the kingdom of Lucifer to earth, being the counterfeit of the Scriptures when Yahushúa is praying to His Father YHWH (Pronounced Yahweh/Yahuéh) and tells him "Let your will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven". There is also some important symbolism shown in the reality show with DJ's like Just Blaze, called Master of the Mix, having the two headed eagle, which is one of the main symbols of Masonry , for the 33rd Degree and it represents their control over the East and the West, over the "good" and the bad of this world, and most importantly the mixing of two "deities", to create the perfect god or false messiah for the whole world to follow and worship, by mixing Apollyon and Jesus, the eagle actually represents the Phoenix which is Lucifer and you can see it's representation also in the Runaway short-film sitting right next to Kanye by the end of the video, talking about how she has to burn, for the new world to come, the Phoenix also being represented the United States, having the Eagle as it's seal on the One Dollar Bill, also several entertainers doing the Oath of Baphomet just like Masons do in the lodge, check out the news report of the Actor from Ugly Betty who after attending a Masonic lodge and taking part in an initiation ritual, when back home to kill his mother with a sword, showing how demonic possession takes place during this rituals, finishing with more symbolism in Cartoon Network, and the satanic influences over other entertainers like The Game, Lil Wayne, and others, there is a lot going on, people must open their eyes for all these signs, blessings y'all.

3D TV's and the Coming Deception

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Here's a good video by KijaniAmariAK, with some info on Alan Parsons, an antichrist who had a lot to do with magic rituals, occultism, the creation of rockets and even has a crater on the dark side of the moon named after him, also some footage exposing a very famous Latin entertainer named Belinda in her latest video "Egoista" featuring Pitbull, whom I met for a second once before this video at concert in which I also performed, their video shows very obvious Masonic symbolism, like the Skull, the Baphomet and Checkered Floors.

Most importantly, by the end of the video, there are a couple of commercials for the new 3D TVs which pretty soon will be in every household, I was very surprise to hear the words used for the commercials and even those used by some of the people involved in launching the 3D LED TV by Samsung, like the Black Eyed Peas who happen to be pushing real hard, the Robot agenda I spoke about before here on the site, then taking in account the fact that the tube used to create our old big TVs was invented while doing research on the paranormal, hoping to bring images of spirits on to a screen, listen closely to one of the commercials talking about the 3D TVs, and their chosen slogan, "it's like they are in the room with you", it seems like they are preparing the world for it, as they ask if you've ever wonder "what is like to experience life in another dimension", keeping in mind it is from another dimension that Spirits and "Aliens" come from, no matter what, one thing is for sure, their mind controlling programs will be stronger and able to go deeper into your mind. Pay also close attention to the Commercial with the Biker in it, when his friend asks him a bunch of questions, notice how all the adjectives he uses, actually mean something bad, saying he will become "Sicker, Wickeder", etc, yet because of today's "opposite" way of talking, they are supposed to mean good things, however when he finally uses a word that really means something good, saying he'll be "Awesomer", the biker seems to get bothered, after saying yes to sicker and wickeder, even after his friend repeated "sicker", he says "you already said that one, but yes", but when the word awesomer is said, he only replies "what's wrong with you", with no "but yes", like before. Let's keep it real, words are powerful and they do have their meaning, reason why I promote keeping the Name of the Father and the Messiah intact as he said.

Lastly, listen to what the announcer for Samsung had to say about how when you get to watch movies and concerts in these TVs, it will be like you were right there at the concert or movie, this is all part of their agenda for when the False Messiah comes, so that everyone watching through a 3D TV, will feel like they are right next to him, and will be easier to accept the Antichrist straight from your own living room, in about two years, everyone will have one of these 3D TVs, they will become the norm, just like with every new technology they come up with, so it is in perfect timing for a big show all over the world in December of 2012, especially notice his actual words "I was there when the future began!!", in 2009, about 3 years and a half before Dec 2012, how appropriate.

Entertainment Industry Exposed

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Here's a pretty self-explanatory video starting with Dave Chappelle talking about how sick the Entertainment Industry is and the hard decisions he had to make, next check out a song by Kanye West in which he is obviously talking about the Illuminati, those having control over him, by saying "so when you talk about you know who, I don't know who you talking bout", also Notorious BIG talking about the power him and 2Pac had, and how he wanted to flip that power for good, in what became, not coincidently, his last interview, then some great footage of Jermaine Jackson talking about how Michael Jackson's death was a Conspiracy, next to Latoya Jackson plainly stating that they murdered her brother Michael and lastly, listen to one of Jay Z' tracks entitled "Most Kingz", in which he talks about Michael Jackson's dead, in a verse which happened to be recycled from a song recorded in 2006.

Freemasons in CNN and Rick Ross on track "FreeMason"

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Hello everyone, sorry I haven't been posting as usual, thanks to the Most High there is a lot going on at the moment, but anyways, here is a video showing a news report on CNN talking about the role Freemasons had in the creation of the United States, showing their important symbols, how many influential people are part of it, how secret and how real it is; by the way, notice the funny comment one of the Masons does when he is asked if is true they are working to rule the world. Check out also by the end of the video, rapper Rick Ross talking about his song Free Mason featuring Jay Z and just like Masons do, says a lot during the interview, without really being direct, just like he does in the song, speaking only for those in the known using a lot of secret words and symbols known by Freemasons, as also Jay Z does in his verse.

Daddy Yankee, Facebook & Mark of the Beast

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Hello my people, I've been away for about a week now, taking a bit of time off to rest, now I'm back in the studio finishing the album, finally on the last stage. Anyways, back to exposing snakes, here is a video showing some more of the obvious control Illuminati has over the Music Industry, showing a couple of Latin entertainers, "coincidentally" using a lot of Illuminati and Freemason symbolism, like Pyramids, Skulls, Black and White patterns, the All seeing Eye, etc. One of the puppets is a rapper from Brazil named Cabal, the other one is the well known Reggaeton artist Daddy Yankee in one of his latest videos, the one for the song called "Descontrol" which has to do with what they are promoting, but the weird thing is that the lyrics of the song have to do with beautiful women and dancing, however the entire video is just filled with Illuminati Pyramids, Skulls of the Skull and Bones Secret Society also called the Brotherhood of Death, obviously to represent Death, White and Black patterns from the Freemason Checkered floors symbolizing their control over the good and the bad of the world, their control through two main political parties, controlling always both faces of the coin in this world, not leaving a real choice for men, also for some reason the video has soldiers like getting ready for war, which is just bizarre, but at the same time obvious, having Illuminati control written all over it, just like the other Brazilian rapper, notice also how Daddy Yankee throws the Pyramid with his hands at the end of his video, just like Jay Z and many others do it, like he was part of Jay Z's label, actually demonstrating how the "rock sign" is not of the Rocafella label, but instead is a Pyramid of the Illuminati Society.

Lastly check out how Illuminati is using Facebook to push the Mark of the Beast on the people, offering parties in which they are given an RFID chip in a bracelet to start getting them use to it, using the bracelet for everything in the parties they organize, connecting Facebook with everything going on at the party, to show them all how "practical" these chips are; beware people, is all getting closer and closer.

James Brown Sells His Soul to the Devil

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Hello everyone, I have't been able to post anything these past couple days because thankfully I've been recording like crazy and now I have finally finished, all that is left is the mixing and mastering so expect my album "Get Sirius!" real soon. Anyways, here's an interesting short-film, in which the famous James Brown goes to meet with the Devil, to ask for an extension on his contract, not happy with the fact that he got old, even though by selling his soul back in the day, he received the moves, songs, fame and fortune, so he makes a bet with Satan, asking to get his youth back so that he can keep on with his career, notice also the other famous faces in the film. With videos like this coming out nowadays, I wonder how can people still think this stuff is not happening in the industry, people sell their souls for fame, it is what it is, peace and blessings y'all, stay in touch.

Birdman "F... with N... Too", so he says.

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This is quite disturbing, and funny at the same time so I decided to post it, this is what happened, during a Cash Money Millionaires Concert, the crew decided to call for girls to get on stage and dance, so while everyone on stage gets on it, choosing females, Birdman gets a little overzealous and says "I'mma show you what type N.... I am right", then turns to a group of males and tells them "I want y'all to come up here and F@ck with me!" and starts pointing out a bunch of guys, telling security to let them come up, then after a bit he even goes on to say "I F@ck with niggas too".

Check out also what Juvenile, who left the label because of the Homosexuality going on in it, as he himself said it during a radio interview, yells right after Baby comes out, saying "Don't F... with me!", lol.

Oprah Exposed as New Age False Prophetess

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Here's a nice, small video showing how the so famous and wealthy Oprah has been working hard for the Illuminati agenda, posing as a Christian, like everyone else, while promoting nothing but deception, wolves in sheep clothing, propagating paganism and basically the same idea of Aleister Crowley, do what thou wilt, since to her there's no sin and "Jesus is not the only way". Notice also in the video something very important, after the Pastor says that Oprah is leading everyone straight to hell, the reporter which through the whole thing had this face of unbelief to put down the comments of the Pastor, says that Oprah is also doing a great job promoting the President, in relation to leading them to Obama, even though he was not president yet, then she retracts and fixes it saying, who she hopes will be our next president, it should be clear to y'all that is all game.

Music Industry Exposed

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Hello people, here's a nice video showing many of the things which I have already written about here on the site, as well as some more new revealing footage, it focuses mostly on exposing Jay Z a bit more, with an interview from a while back in which he talks about how the eye in the dollar Bill is the Devil, meaning he has known all along who he is following, then speaking about his song D'evils, which is an oath to the Devil and his worldly organization, the Illuminati, a track in which he talks about his decision to sell his soul, letting Devils take control over him, also listen to a track by Busta Rhymes in which he seems to be coming out as a Mason, then Rihanna also speaking of an oath she took to get where she is at, in her biggest hit "Umbrella", Oath which just like Jay Z and many others, she is not going to break, cause it would cause their death, to expose the Elite, the group of people these puppets think to be a part of, counting Fabulous and Diddy, as seen in the video. Lastly check out how Satanism is explained by a Satanist Priest and by Marilyn Manson, then hear Jay Z's words, and try to find a difference, listen also to the words of other entertainers following and promoting the same agenda with a different banner, like that of the 5 percenters, enjoy the info, peace y'all.

Satanic Influence through Hip Hop Music

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Here's another great video by KijaniAmariAK of the series Satanism in Hip Hop, this one focused mostly on Will Smith & Jada Pinkett's daughter, Willow Smith, I have heard a lot about this little girl lately, sadly being driven down the road of perdition at such a short age by her blind parents, so I decided to post this video talking about her, very sad that Illuminati's plan is so far along, seeing clearly Lucifer's influence everywhere, nowadays even through talented kids such as Will Smith's Children, shown in the video doing the Baphomet Sign wearing Skulls glorifying death, promoting the same as all the older puppets, like Jay Z and the rest. Check out also Bun B being clear about who he follows and who he is working for, rocking the number 666, as well as Kanye West explaining a bit why he chose the phoenix metaphor, as every other artist, since the Phoenix represents Lucifer the Bird(Angel) who fell and is hoping to rise back to its former position in heaven, with the help of all these people who serve him and propagate his worship around the world through their wicked art.

Glenn Beck's FEMA Camps Moment of Truth

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In this very sad video below, there are 3 different pieces of footage from a day in Glenn Beck's life, maybe what could have been, the most decisive day in his life, in which he decided what his destiny and position in the Matrix would be.

First you will hear him speak, after having been a bit awaken by the truth of the New World Order, unfortunately he does it in an earlier show before his own, basically letting the Powers that Be know about his intentions to speak out in his program later that same day, making a great mistake, not being able to let all the facts out because of shortage of time due to the show not being his own and at the same time informing the Elite about his plans, he clearly says that FEMA camps are Real and are All over the United States, they are preparing them to put civilians inside, they are all empty even though California is having space problems in its prisons, as Glenn Beck himself said, there was no way to debunk these FEMA Camps and the plans that the Illuminati has for the USA. In the second piece, he is in his show already, in which he had promise to inform the people of the so Real FEMA camps, however for some odd reason, clear to some, he changed his mind in a matter of hours and in a subtle way, sends a messages to those in the know saying "They are making me say this, please Help", he does it as a joke but is sadly obvious that he was trapped, lastly on the third piece of footage he is with a guest just trying to destroy anything left of what he may have incite in people in the early show, promising another show on FEMA camps, but this time basically to debunk that which he had said could not be debunked, notice also how they had to prepare the show for the next week, most likely to edit 90% of the information Glenn Beck and his team had gathered according to himself.

The Force Behind the Music Industry

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Here's a video showing the tremendous grip the Illuminati has over the Music Industry, something so big in the world that it can change culture itself, as it has done it for the past 20 years, next to TV and its mind controlling programs. Lucifer and his demons are that force behind the Industry, shaping culture for a New World Order, creating a society which will accept him at his coming, take in account, when watching the video, the fact that the All seeing Eye, which is said to be watching you, belongs to Lucifer and his world structure is the Pyramid every entertainer worships and uses, being just merely puppets of the Beast System.

The MTV Music Awards

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Hey People, I was watching the MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs) this weekend and was a bit surprise to not see too many obvious Illuminati signs or satanic messages as the year before, I was expecting a bit more, since they kinda do more and more each year, maybe they are seeing that a lot of people are catching up to it, however of course there were things to point out, the main one would be the main stage where all the entertainers performed, when shown from above, as they did many, many times, looked pretty much like an eye, a huge eye, the famous All Seeing Eye of Horus(Lucifer), also, for the people hoping Eminem had woken up and now going against Illuminati, I think the fact that he opened the show and won an award with one of the songs supposedly going against them, "I'm not Afraid", proofs that it is not about that, but instead only about fighting his addictions and leaving behind his trials and tribulations, since it is obvious MTV would not have let him sing that one in particular, let alone give him an award for it, not only that, but right after he sang that song, the whole place seemed to start burning in flames, pretty much like hell, and one of the top Illuminati puppets of the moment, Rihanna, came out with a funky dress, somewhat like a short wedding dress, as many have done it in the VMAs before, performing rituals, talking about how much she loves to be lied to by a particular person or entity, also the hostess Chelsea Handler, literally asking every one in the place to act their worst that night and Lady Gaga kinda reinforcing that thought, by calling all her fans Little Monsters, for an obvious reason of course, and telling them how now "they" are the cool guys in the party, like it has finally been setlle, the evil ones are now the good ones, very sad.

Alicia Keys Sold Out

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Here is a quick video with some pictures of Alicia Keys doing some signs and making use of several Satanic symbols used by the Illuminati, and Freemasons associating her with the Masonic branch for women "Order of the Eastern Star", it is sad to see another beautiful and influential woman fall pray and loose her soul to the hands of these evil secret societies and their god Lucifer, by the way listen to the lyrics of the Song at the end by Michael Jackson, making it clear that he was well aware also of how all these entertainers must sell their souls to the Devil for all that fame, money and support of those who give them all that, Illuminati.

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett into Scientology

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Here is some news report from a while back of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith building what it seems to be a Scientology school for the children of the Hollywood Elite and well, I'm guessing for whoever has money and wants some Scientology teachers brainwashing their kids with all that garbage written by L. Ron Hubbard, creator of the Church of Scientology, check it out.

Illuminati's Satanic control over the Industry

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Hello everyone, today I brought y'all a video part of a series called Killuminati Tupac exposing the illuminati, please watch the video closely, it starts with Snoop Dogg's cartoon "Snoop's Dogg's Hood of Horror" explaining how is it that selling your soul to the devil works and other images strongly associating him with evil, then also some pictures of Jay Z with his infamous "Do what Thou Wilt" shirt, from the saying of the self proclaim Beast 666 Aleister Crowley, the wickedest man in the world, according to the press back then, which he wrote in the Book of Law, it is called the Law Thelema and states that you are meant to "Do what thou wilt, being this the whole of the law", so do what you want that's the entire law, of course with the intention of letting people give in to their darkest desires, the most sinful wishes, give in to the passions of the flesh, leaving in this way the Spirit (likeness of YHWH), on the side becoming nothing more than animals in human form. Check out the several pictures of "stars" of nowadays doing the many evil hand signs, masonic handshakes and wearing other pieces of clothing glorifying Lucifer and his followers.

Of course 2Pac had to be in the video since that is what the series focuses on, showing how 2Pac woke up to the truth and decided to speak out and do his part, awake the masses, which got him killed since The Powers That Be could not afford such an Artist with such influence(power) over so many people, talk about what is going on behind the scenes, the video shows some interviews talking about all the false accusations against him that started right after he woke up and began going against Illuminati, also an interview with Professor Griff from the Hip Hop Group Public Enemy, talking about how you have to sell your soul if you wish to be at the top of the entertainment industry.

I know the law hate me dearly, comin for me
We outlaws
, thugged out, niggas runnin on E

- 2pac - "Runnin' on E"

May YHWH Bless 2Pac!

‘I am the Mighty One of Abraham, the Mighty One of Isaac, and the Mighty One of Jacob’?
YHWH is not the Mighty One of the dead, but of the living.”
- Matthew 22:32 -

The Mighty One of the dead is he to whom mainstream entertainers sell their souls, for the fortune and fame they receive, he who rules over those that are dead even while being alive. As long as one doesn't accept the resurrection, he or she remains under the rule of this one, the mighty one(god) of this world, because they remain in the flesh and the flesh is destined for the worms to eat it, so it depends on what your soul may hold on to, to the spirit or the flesh, what your destiny will be at the end of the age, but Yahushúa the Messiah Bought them ALL through His blood, so that all they need to do to receive eternal life, is to accept him as savior, accept his sacrifice, which is the price he paid for YOUR soul, to die in your place even though he had not sin so was not supposed to die according to the Law(Torah), defeating in this way the "god of this World" Lucifer, so that you don't have to be under his rule any longer, but be free by knowing the truth, and the Truth is Yahushúa, who brought to usthe Favor of YHWH Almighty, Free eternal life for ALL who Believe in Him

Peace and Blessings y'all.

Beyonce admits a Spirit comes into her

BY Koresh / Illuminati Celebrities, Illuminati Hip Hop, SIRIUS' Mind / 7 COMMENTS

Hey y'all, I have talked before a little bit about Beyonce's alter-ego Sasha Fierce and how it is basically the demon that possesses her when she gets on stage to perform, after she sold her soul for all that she has now, she herself said that Sasha Fierce was born during the shoot of her video "Crazy in Love" which is, as usual in them, full of symbolism, showing how Jay Z basically kills the good Beyonce to give birth to the evil Sasha Fierce through an obvious visual ritual as you can see in the video below. After that check out the picture from a Rolling Stone article on her, putting it all very clear right on the title, then lastly check out the video from a revealing interview in which Beyonce goes into a lot more detail concerning Sasha Fierce even to the point of explaining how before she enters into the scene, she raises her hands and how the first time literally felt the entity enter her, is real people; peace.

"Power" by Kanye West

BY Koresh / Illuminati Celebrities, Illuminati Hip Hop, SIRIUS' Mind / 0 COMMENTS

Hello everyone, I have received some emails and comments concerning Kanye West's latest Video "Power", and even though only a trailer of the video is out, is enough to see once again Kanye's Satanic affiliation, using a whole bunch of symbolism, making himself to be god, with empty, illuminated eyes, having a halo above his head, in between the Masonic Temple Pillars, with the huge head of Horus(Antichrist) hanging off his neck, women with horns, representing fallen angels, like Baphomet, also water bearers, representing the age of Aquarius which we are entering and the New Agers are expecting so anxiously, etc, etc. Here is a nice video I found explaining most of the symbolism shown in the video, check it out, peace!,

Eminem and Illuminati

BY Koresh / Illuminati Celebrities, Illuminati Hip Hop, SIRIUS' Mind / 0 COMMENTS

Many people have come through asking me if I believe Eminem is now going against the Illuminati in his latest album Recovery, in a few words, what I have said is that, if he was as explicit to tell us his connection to the devil, selling his soul and so on, then he should be as clear about going against his Masters also, however I understand the fear he would feel of getting killed right away, as well as loosing all the support, if it were the case, making him not be as clear when he speaks out.

I found the video below which makes some good points on this subject and decided to post it for all those people who believe he is now against the Illuminati; by their fruits we would know them, so lets see what he does next, let's just pray he has found his way for real.

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