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Posts exposing entertainers who have sold out to be controlled by the Illuminati to spread their agenda through their music in exchange for money and fame.

Time 4 The End - SIRIUS The Dogg Star [Hip Hop Video]

Here's the video for my song "Time 4 The End", speaking of the coming New World Order , and what will happen to it and its members the Illuminati, as it was prophesied in the Scriptures by the Almighty YHWH. Although I am discussing a serious matter in the video, I do it with a […]Read More »

Illuminati's Obey, UNIF and Rocawear

Here's an article I've been wanting to post for a while, showing how Illuminati's control and symbolism has spread now even through fashion and how it has become more and more obvious every day. There are three "important" clothing brands which are using all types of Illuminati, Masonic and Satanic ...Read More »

Is Eminem going against the Illuminati?

It's been a while since I come around to write an article, I am working very hard on my next album, which by the way is coming real nice, so it has been a bit hard to post articles or videos. I have to use time as efficiently as possible to do everything I have […]Read More »

Illuminati's puppet band, 30 Second to Mars

Blessings everyone, today I wanted to post a great video exposing a very obvious Illuminati band called '30 Seconds to Mars', they seem to be infatuated, as many other entertainers, with using Satanic and Illuminati symbolism, their logo is a Pyramid with a capstone in other cases a Phoenix, which i...Read More »

Tyler's Creation, Odd Future (OFWGKTA)

Several readers and friends from the site have asked me to please post an article exposing a rapper named Tyler "the creator" and his group "Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All", an obviously satanic conglomerate of skaters, producers and rappers, influencing the youth into all kinds of evil, call it...Read More »

Rapper The Game speaks on 2012, not the Illuminati

Here's a very interesting Interview, rapper the Game is asked what he thinks about the year 2012, which he answers without hesitation and quite sure, plainly saying that everyone is going to die. Some people think he may be speaking sarcastically, which is fine if so, but what made me put the video ...Read More »

Illuminati Symbolism in Netherlands Hip Hop

My friend Crabbez sent me this video and was kind enough to help me translate it, it has to do with the Hip Hop scene in Netherlands, usually called Netherhop. The video first gives an introduction of the most common Satanic Hand-signs like the Horns and the 666 as well as the Illuminati Symbols, li...Read More »

Get SIRIUS! by SIRIUS The Dogg Star

Hey brothers and sisters, I hope everybody is doing great, today I leave you with another quick video I put together, this time for the song Get SIRIUS!, off the album by the same name, as always, against the Illuminati and their New World Order, exposing some of the snakes in the Industry, hope you...Read More »

Satanic Symbolism in Hip Hop and Hollywood

Here's a video I had posted before everything suddenly disappeared from the site, what I had written got deleted so here we go again, the video is part of the series Satanism in Hip Hop, it shows several scenes from movies and music videos in which all the Illuminati Satanic symbolism is used, you'l...Read More »

Ras Kass exposing Illuminati

I was listen to a little bit of Hip Hop some days ago and I ran across a track by Ras Kass entitled Soul On Ice, I was surprise to hear him mention the New World Order, as I kept listening, he said a couple more things being really clear about who runs the Government, […]Read More »

3D TV's and the Coming Deception

Here's a good video by KijaniAmariAK, with some info on Alan Parsons, an antichrist who had a lot to do with magic rituals, occultism, the creation of rockets and even has a crater on the dark side of the moon named after him, also some footage exposing a very famous Latin entertainer named Belinda ...Read More »

Entertainment Industry Exposed

Here's a pretty self-explanatory video starting with Dave Chappelle talking about how sick the Entertainment Industry is and the hard decisions he had to make, next check out a song by Kanye West in which he is obviously talking about the Illuminati, those having control over him, by saying "so when...Read More »

The Machine

Hello everyone, this has been a very busy beginning of the year, thanks to the Most High the Album is done, now I must work on the next one, write some more articles, posts and more, but for now, I leave y'all with a video showing how the Industry works, also known as the Machine, […]Read More »

Freemasons in CNN and Rick Ross on track "FreeMason"

Hello everyone, sorry I haven't been posting as usual, thanks to the Most High there is a lot going on at the moment, but anyways, here is a video showing a news report on CNN talking about the role Freemasons had in the creation of the United States, showing their important symbols, how many influe...Read More »

Daddy Yankee, Facebook & Mark of the Beast

Hello my people, I've been away for about a week now, taking a bit of time off to rest, now I'm back in the studio finishing the album, finally on the last stage. Anyways, back to exposing snakes, here is a video showing some more of the obvious control Illuminati has over the Music Industry, [&hell...Read More »

James Brown Sells His Soul to the Devil

Hello everyone, I have't been able to post anything these past couple days because thankfully I've been recording like crazy and now I have finally finished, all that is left is the mixing and mastering so expect my album "Get Sirius!" real soon. Anyways, here's an interesting short-film, in which t...Read More »

Dave Chappelle on Secret Societies

Hello people, here's a video focusing mainly on some comments made by the great Comedian Dave Chappelle, once during a Stand Up Comedy routine and another during an interview with Oprah, in which he explains why he could be consider a "Conspiracy Theorist", simply because he connects the dots, and o...Read More »

Birdman "F... with N... Too", so he says.

This is quite disturbing, and funny at the same time so I decided to post it, this is what happened, during a Cash Money Millionaires Concert, the crew decided to call for girls to get on stage and dance, so while everyone on stage gets on it, choosing females, Birdman gets a little overzealous and ...Read More »

Music Industry Exposed

Hello people, here's a nice video showing many of the things which I have already written about here on the site, as well as some more new revealing footage, it focuses mostly on exposing Jay Z a bit more, with an interview from a while back in which he talks about how the eye in […]Read More »

Satanic Influence through Hip Hop Music

Here's another great video by KijaniAmariAK of the series Satanism in Hip Hop, this one focused mostly on Will Smith & Jada Pinkett's daughter, Willow Smith, I have heard a lot about this little girl lately, sadly being driven down the road of perdition at such a short age by her blind parents,...Read More »

The Force Behind the Music Industry

Here's a video showing the tremendous grip the Illuminati has over the Music Industry, something so big in the world that it can change culture itself, as it has done it for the past 20 years, next to TV and its mind controlling programs. Lucifer and his demons are that force behind the Industry, sh...Read More »

Satanism in the Industry

Check out this video I was just watching made by KijaniAmariAK from Youtube, it begins showing some symbolism from some movies, which some would call just coincidence, however in a movie as in a music video, the director always has total control of everything that is on the screen 100% of the time s...Read More »

Mark of the Beast and Robots

Hello my people, please check out the new article explaining the Mark of the Beast spoken of in the Book of Revelations about to be implemented by the Illuminati in their New World Order coming, I also go into some detail on how it connects to the Robot Agenda currently being used in the Music [&hel...Read More »

The MTV Music Awards

Hey People, I was watching the MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs) this weekend and was a bit surprise to not see too many obvious Illuminati signs or satanic messages as the year before, I was expecting a bit more, since they kinda do more and more each year, maybe they are seeing that a lot […]Read More »

2pac aka Makaveli Exposing the Illuminati

Check out the video below focused mostly on 2pac exposing the Illuminati as Makaveli in his album The 7 Day Theory, by sending a bunch of messages through his songs, as well as showing how artist sell their souls to the devil for fortune and fame and the fact of how once you have join […]Read More »

Alicia Keys Sold Out

Here is a quick video with some pictures of Alicia Keys doing some signs and making use of several Satanic symbols used by the Illuminati, and Freemasons associating her with the Masonic branch for women "Order of the Eastern Star", it is sad to see another beautiful and influential woman fall pray ...Read More »

Illuminati's Satanic control over the Industry

Hello everyone, today I brought y'all a video part of a series called Killuminati Tupac exposing the illuminati, please watch the video closely, it starts with Snoop Dogg's cartoon "Snoop's Dogg's Hood of Horror" explaining how is it that selling your soul to the devil works and other images strongl...Read More »

Beyonce admits a Spirit comes into her

Hey y'all, I have talked before a little bit about Beyonce's alter-ego Sasha Fierce and how it is basically the demon that possesses her when she gets on stage to perform, after she sold her soul for all that she has now, she herself said that Sasha Fierce was born during the shoot of her […]Read More »

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