canismajorwbrKoresh‘s alias is “Sirius”, which comes from the name of the biggest and brightest star in the night-sky. Scientist claim it is approximately twice as big as the Sun and 23 times brighter. It belongs to the Canis Major constellation and that is the reason why Sirius is called “The Dog Star”, which of course, also gives name to this site. Coincidentally, the Artist was born in the year of the Dog according to the Chinese horoscope, among other interesting facts.

Canis Major

Canis Major

The name of the Constellation gives name to Koresh‘s Independent Label Canis Major Army (CMA), which is mainly focused in Spiritual Warfare, exposing the evils of the world through Hip Hop Music and Scripture Teachings, bringing to light and explaining End Time Prophecies being fulfilled in our days, the Beast rising as the Illuminati’s New World Order and the false prophet in charge of the whore of Babylon working to deceive the masses with their christ, the False-Messiah, very soon. Our goal is to wake up the world to the Truth, to make known the good news of the Kingdom, the real one, governed by the Most High Yahweh and His Son Yahushua the Messiah, our Savior.Canis Major Amry

Koresh aka Sirius The Dogg Star

Born in 1982, the year of the Dog, Sirius is an underground Hip Hop artist revolutionising the industry, with nothing but the truth, against the Illuminati and every other secret society that conspires against the well being of the population of the world, against those that are planning to kill humanity for their love of money and power.

Koresh’s Biography
Biografia de Koresh




  1. Yahdaughter

    January 19, 2016 (16:12)

    Sirius B constellation home of the Hebrew Yisraelites


    June 28, 2012 (14:10)

    Thank you so much sherone barber, you are not messing up anything, come over to write and give your message any time you feel it, thank you for your words, may the Almighty bless you.


    June 28, 2012 (14:07)

    Thank you so much for your comment Sheron Barber, and thanks for the info, I am glad you found the site and to know you are in the same battle brother, tell the kids who told you about me ¨whats up¨ lol, it is a blessings to hear how the message is spreading and as you say, how the kids are getting it, stay in touch, blessings!

  4. sherone barber

    June 28, 2012 (03:56)

    Forgive me for messing up this comment section. I had a difficult time typing in the dark in the heart of the ‘hood! I only wanted to bless you all and encourage you to keep speaking-in whatever way Abba inspires. I see that He uses all of us differently. Even if you are the lowest worm in society-in prison, using or sellin dope, homeless, without a job, rejected & abused by everyone-Yah Most High will help you & put you to work fighting the ones who are taking our blessings for themselves. All we have to do is have the desire to be on the side for good & then make the appropriate choice for good when it is time. So many say they are good but they refuse to even do a caring act for another unless there is benefit. A neighbor who writes checks to organizations but ignores the child starving next door is not making choices that line up with the will of The Almighty. We can recognize each other by our love-and by our circumcision(our hearts), just as Yosef & his brothers recognized each other after years of separation. May you be blessed with clarity & boldness as you lead the warriors. Remember, the musicians went out first. May all frauds & those who distract with bits of truth be weeded out. May those who need to know be drawn to the truth bringers. Yahshua’s blood sacrifice cancels all their rites. It is finished. If we believe then we will obey. Righteousness is just loyalty. Loyalty to the Ruler of the universe. Shalom & blessings to all of you. Keep on flowin Sirius.

  5. Sherone Barber

    June 28, 2012 (03:24)

    Wow! It has been a very exciting season for us since Passover! Ever since the counterfeit ressurection of Tupac on the last day of the feast (when we are to read Is. Chptrs 10 -12 which tell of the real Messiah), it has been non-stop warfare! I was told about Sirius by some kids when I told them the entire plan is laid out within the music industry, especially in Rap. I was very pleased to find that you come in the Name of Yah. Wasn’t expecting to find that you are teaching the exact stuff as us, and yet we have never met. It is rare to find someone who has this info and who also has the solution. The facts are only overwhelming without the One who can heal us from the traumas and their deceptive solutions, The Most High God. His Name is Yahuah & He reveals this Name & all the benefits of Kingdom loyalty to those who choose Him moment by moment. Sirius, the kids are getting it & some of the songs out there are weapons for us to use. I am a Monarch survivor & the current songs on radio can put one in a hypnotic state within a few measures. The layers of messages will speak to that part of your mind that you have no control over. This can be healing or detrimental, depending on the individual. For me, I had to experience both sides. Now I see clearly what they are doing & the songs helped me access memories that were blocked by programming. Each album is the spell cast-the energy they intend to create. Each song is the chant to make it so. Out of the mouth speaks the abundance of the heart. The most powerful songs for good come from warrior artists who were killed, recorded on their own, or are followed underground like yourself. I was confused about some artists but once you take the layers apart you can easily see who is promoting Truth & who is being used. When we are a real threat, as in physical war, there is someone with a long and short term plan to take us out. Though waged in our minds, the wounds can be to the ones we love & the jail time real. For the kids who are curious, tell them this is not a game & the players traffick in human souls. Everyone knows someone who went to prison. What will you do when it is your little brother facing a case on false charges or your little sis who wants to be a porn star? Their plan is to kill or imprison all of us who have rejected their programming & those who refuse to comply. They believe sodomy is the way to open the 3rd eye & they use very old dark Black Majick with modern technology & tunnel systems to accomplish it. The energy resulting from trauma gives the entities that guide them more power to manifest. None of this matters if we just sit here & continue to steal, lie, gossip, break up marriages, have sex with whomever or whatever, rely on meds which are formulas(sorcery) to enslave, believe their laws are Yahs laws & we are law-breakers needing punishment


    September 3, 2010 (15:22)

    Hello Michael, thanks for your comment and your concern, the reason why Sirius is an important symbol to them, is because of its importance in the spiritual realm, it is believed to be the gate to heaven, you know Lucifer used to be in charge of the worship of Yahweh while in his heaven below Yahweh’s, well they believe Sirius is where this heaven is located, the heaven from which Lucifer got kicked out, they are hoping and expecting him to win, raise up from the ashes like the phoenix to it’s first state and they think that is where their main lodge is located, so they see it as their ultimate goal, that is where masons expect to go when dying, however this doesn’t make it an evil Name nor an evil star, Yahweh created it, the name itself doesn’t have an evil meaning but prophetical and yeah I like how it sounds like Serious which has to do with all that I talk about in my site and my songs and the fact that it is the brightest star in the night sky even brighter and bigger than the sun, the always common pagan deity, Baal, Lucifer. Also taking in account that it is a place, just as the “Holy Land” is “holy” to all, yet only belongs to the Few, is fought for by the sons of the serpent and just awaiting for the revelation of the Sons of Yahweh to claim it, and Sirius is not only important to masons and Illuminati but to all ancient cultures, since many fallen angels came to them claiming to be from there, making it be “Heaven” not that of Yahweh of course, since that is set apart and only Yahushua has been out and in of that one, but this is one below, like I said where Lucifer had his power before he fell from the favor of Yahweh, there is a reason why all ancient cultures used to look up to it as well as a reason for masons calling it eastern star, or star of the east, doesn’t it sound familiar?

    When Yahushua came, he came to those who supposedly where expecting him, yet they did not receive him, they said they followed Yahweh and followed the Law(Torah) but when Yahushua was present in the flesh they told him he was evil and did miracles by the evil one and finally they killed him, fulfilling the saying, “the stone that the builders rejected, has become the chief cornerstone”, the builders are Masons, that’s what they claim to be, Builders of man of a New World Order, and their mighty one lucifer the “ultimate builder” being to them the great Architect of the Universe, they are confused as anybody who follows the deceiver, their minds have been blinded by the god of this world, they claim to do good and some even think they do, but Lucifer has clouded their minds so that they cannot see the brightness of the Gospel of Yahushua, they, as the Jews did back in day, think to have all the answers, all the knowledge and to be the only chosen people of “god”, of the god of this world yeah, but his Creator and the Creator of all those beings who call themselves gods is my Mighty One and His Name is Yahweh Yahushua, he chose us, those who choose him, for you cannot choose him unless he has already chosen you from the foundation of the world..

    Peace homie.

  7. Michael

    September 3, 2010 (07:24)

    I’m confused why you chose the name Sirius (the dog star)… Though the assonance of the word bears a playful meaning through its homophone (serious)… It is somewhat duplicitous in that Sirius is a big symbol for the Illuminati and Masonry. Do they not worship Sirius as did Crowley? In any case I thank you for putting things on your website which help people to get Serious and think about Truth.


    July 20, 2010 (18:49)

    Thanks Joel, I would be honored to name you also, I just have no idea what could be lol, I guess you could tell me what you like, what you do, how you look, have you had any nicknames growing up? Do you have any or feel any connections to anything?, Etc, since mine is kinda based on all that.

  9. Joel

    July 20, 2010 (13:36)

    sirus, I know that’s what my name means….I mean something like a stage name, what do you need to know about me before you figure out one…!!! It will be a privilege for you to give me one…!!!One love hommie…

  10. SIRIUS

    July 19, 2010 (14:12)

    Ha ha, I would have to know more about you bro to come up with a name for you, but your name already is great and means a lot!

    Jo-el, means “Yahweh is the Mighty One!”

  11. Joel

    July 19, 2010 (04:46)

    This is good. You are very enlightened about a lot. I like the name and I need a name too…Figure one for me…!!!

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