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For those who don't know, the name of the alias of the Underground Hip Hop Artist "SIRIUS" comes from the name of the Biggest and Brightest star in the sky, it is approximately twice as big as the sun and 23 times brighter, it belongs to the constellation called Canis Major, therefore the star Sirius is called The Dog Star, coincidentally, the Hip Hop Artist was born in the year of the Dog according to the Chinese horoscope, among other curious facts.

Canis Major

Canis Major

The name of the Constellation of Stars Canis Major gives the name to the Hip Hop Music Crew CANIS MAJOR led by Koresh aka Sirius The Dogg Star, formed by many great artists with many different talents in the different branches of Hip Hop and many other performing arts and production, which united make an entire movement in the culture of Hip Hop in Costa Rica and the world.

Canis Major

Canis Major

Koresh aka Sirius The Dogg Star

Born in 1982, The year of the Dog, an Underground Hip Hop Artist Revolutionizing Hip Hop Music and the Industry as well, with nothing but the truth, against Illuminati and every other corporation or secret society that may conspire against the well being of the population of the world, against those that are planning to kill humanity for their love of money and power.

Arman 'The Spiritual Weapon'

Rapper featured in the Hip Hop Track and Video "La Apostasia", included in The Countdown Mixtape


Rapper featured in the Hip Hop Track and Video "Annihilate U" from the Album GET SIRIUS!

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Name: Koresh
Skype: sirius.thedoggstar