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All information relating End Time Prophecy, the Last Days are here and prophecy is being fulfilled right in front of our eyes, we must be prepared, seek the Most High Yahuéh, through His Son Yahushúa.

9 Trillion Dollars Stolen by Government

Here's a piece of footage everyone around the world should watch, especially if you live in the United States. It is clear evidence of how this world is being controlled by 'the powers that be' acting as puppeteers over certain individuals who have no idea what they are doing, yet say exactly what they are told. This video shows how the US government has stolen trillions of dollars from the people and no one can give an explanation about where the money went. It is outrageous how they steal from the people so openly and nothing happens, how they are destroying the world and people don't care. The masses only choose to follow orders like the Fed Inspector General shown in the video, getting orders from a lady behind her, who in turn is getting advice from the guy behind her, a vivid picture of how the system works. Here's the Representative Alan Grayson questioning the Fed Inspector General Elizabeth Coleman where $ went, yet she has no idea what to answer and states they have no jurisdiction to investigate the Fed, but only their programs.

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