Info: FEMA prepares for an UFO Attack [Fake Alien Invasion Coming]

Fire Fighters are now being trained by FEMA, to prepare for an Alien Invasion. In their “Fire Officer’s Guide to Disaster Control” found in ‘fire houses’ across the USA, there are many different scenarios, however chapter 13th, entitled “Enemy Attack and UFO Potential”, says that fire fighters may experience the “unexpected arrival of UFO’s in your communities”.

Info: The Alien Agenda | Predictive Programming in TV Commercials

The video shows some of the many examples pushing the Alien agenda in commercials, TV Programs, Hollywood Movies and Music, preparing the world for a fake Alien Invasion, which William Cooper mentioned in his book “Behold a Pale Horse”, right before being murdered in a very mysterious way, which was not a coincidence of course.

Info: UFO over Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem [Aliens | Fallen Angels]

Here’s footage of an UFO hovering over the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem, where the Temple of YHWH used to be. This could be a very significant sign of the deception coming, connecting Aliens with Spirituality, since the Temple Mount is the main spiritual site in the world, for there’s a portal to a higher dimension, as stated by Jacob (Israel) in Scriptures.

Illuminati New World Order Game of Control [Update]

Another great update to the articles Illuminati: The Game and Illuminati Game on Point, showing many of the predictions made by the Illuminati New World Order Game created by Steve Jackson in 1995, as seen in the previews articles, many of its predictions have happened already and many are still in the cards, from Bill Clinton’s scandal to the Revolution in Egypt and the Mark of the Beast.

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Illuminati Card Game, a Plan for Control

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