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Exposing Entertainers involved in the Illuminati, those who have sold their soul to Satan for Money and Fame.

Info: Artists Sell their Souls to the Devil for Fortune and Fame

Info: Artists Sell their Souls to the Devil for Fortune and Fame

Here’s a clip from a Comedy Show called “the Mighty Bush”, which basically portrays how a Jazz fan sells his Soul to the Devil, in order to become one of the greatest Jazz musicians. Although a joke, what is said in the video is a clear example of what really happens in the industry, artists in fact sell their Souls to become posses by a Spirit that performs through them.

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Ke$ha’s Illuminati Video Die Young

Hi everyone, I've been extremely busy working on my upcoming album, reason why I haven't been writing as much on the site, but as usual there's a lot on my to-do list so please stay tuned. Here's a new article having to do with another Illuminati Puppet in the Music Industry going by the name of Ke$ha, showing her love for riches in her name, which is the root of all evil, reason why it should not be surprising to know that she has sold out. Kesha has just come out with an obvious Illuminati video, showing her alliance to Satan in many different ways, through her lyrics and through the video, they are being more and more open about it with time, as if they were close to achieving their goal, this article is proof.

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Ke$ha's Illuminati Music

Shaquille O’Neal’s Profession is Freemasonry

Check out this piece of footage, in which a proud Shaquille O'Neal announces to the world that he is a Freemason, right after being asked if he is one because of the Masonic ring he is wearing, he states "of course I am!", calling it his profession, and right when they ask about secret ceremonies, he immediately tells them to "stop it" and changed the subject back to basketball.


Illuminati’s Obey, UNIF and Rocawear

Here's an article I've been wanting to post for a while, showing how Illuminati's control and symbolism has spread now even through fashion and how it has become more and more obvious every day. There are three "important" clothing brands which are using all types of Illuminati, Masonic and Satanic imagery on their products, to give a very specific message, and just coincidentally, many celebrities are now starting to wear these brands.

People must be aware of what they are supporting and the message they are giving with the clothes they wear. If you have any doubts about Illuminati's existence and its control, please take a look at how these three different clothing brands are pushing the exact same Satanic message.

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Illuminati Clothing Brands

Did Michael Jackson Know his End?

I decided to post some information I've had for a while, as an update to the articles regarding Michael Jackson's murder. Some pieces of lyrics from his songs "Morphine" and "Tabloid Junky", and a letter written by his ex-wife Lisa Mary Presley, seem to clearly explain how Michael actually knew the way in which he was going to die, what type of drug they would use to kill him and the reason why they did it, mainly speaking out against the way the system works and not wanting to support it any longer.

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Michael Jackson Knew his End

Article: Eminem in the Illuminati [Satanism in Music]

Article: Eminem in the Illuminati [Satanism in Music]

Today I just wanted to write an article concerning Eminem, due to many emails and comments I have received regarding whether or not he has quit the Illuminati and is now going against it. This is a question which rose in the minds of many of his fans after listening to songs like “Not Afraid” in which he seems to speak out against something which is not very clear, yet many have concluded is the Illuminati. In this article I give you my point on view, based on the evidence, still whatever it is, I pray for His Salvation just like the Salvation of any other entertainer or person in the world, hope you enjoy the article. Blessings!.

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Illuminati’s puppet band, 30 Second to Mars

Blessings everyone, today I wanted to post a great video exposing a very obvious Illuminati band called '30 Seconds to Mars', they seem to be infatuated, as many other entertainers, with using Satanic and Illuminati symbolism, their logo is a Pyramid with a capstone in other cases a Phoenix, which in Occultism represents Lucifer, they also use the pyramid hand-sign just like Jay Z, Kanye and others. Their videos and songs are filled with subliminal messages, some very direct ones, like singing for a "Brave New World", which is another term used for a New World Order, not only that but in the video for the same song they flash on the screen the words "Lucifer, Power, Fame" for a second, coming out of the mouth of their lead singer who coincidentally is also a famous Hollywood actor by the name of Jared Leto, who has been part of many movies with the same Illuminati symbolism that on his music.

The video also explains some of the messages behind the Movie Transformers, for which they made the soundtrack, a film full of symbolism regarding the coming deception, as I have mentioned in earlier articles. Lastly by the end of the video, there's a piece of footage from an interview in which Jared Leto blatantly promotes the Illuminati's depopulation agenda, and right after that, you'll see Bill Gates at the annual TED conference, also expressing the same idea regarding depopulation, yet in this case actually explaining how to achieve it in a major and faster way, through Vaccines, Health Care and Reproductive Health Services.

Is time to wake up, people must be aware of the world we live in and of what 'the powers that be' have prepared for the coming years, blessings.


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