Artists Sell their Souls's a clip from a Comedy Show called "the Mighty Bush", which basically portrays how a Jazz fan sells his Soul to the Devil, in order to become one of the greatest Jazz musicians. Although a joke, what is said in the video is a clear example of what really happens in the industry, artists in fact sell their Souls to become posses by a Spirit that performs through them.

Album: 2 SIRIUS [B] hope you keep visiting the page for all that is on the way, I'll be adding a lot of important information, regarding the End Times, Secret Societies and the Name of the Almighty, as well as songs and all kinds of other material very soon, trying to keep everyone updated with what I do and with the facts of the world in which we are living, through Hip Hop Music, Quick Posts, Videos, Articles, Books, etc.

Album: 2 SIRIUS [A]'s the 1st Half of the Album 2 SIRIUS, SIRIUS A (Alef), composed by 12 tracks in Spanish, of Spiritual Hip Hop announcing the End Times prophesied in The Scriptures and exposing the System of the Beast, the Illuminati and its New World Order. Words to awaken the masses to the reality of the times we're living in, through Hip Hop Lyrics by Koresh The Seer.

Illuminati’s Obey, UNIF and Rocawear

Here’s an article I’ve been wanting to post for a while, showing how Illuminati’s control and symbolism has spread now even through fashion and how it has become more and more obvious every day. There are three “important” clothing brands which are using all types of Illuminati, Masonic and Satanic imagery on their products, to give a very specific message, and just coincidentally, many celebrities are now starting to wear these brands.

People must be aware of what they are supporting and the message they are giving with the clothes they wear. If you have any doubts about Illuminati’s existence and its control, please take a look at how these three different clothing brands are pushing the exact same Satanic message.

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Illuminati Clothing Brands

Article: Eminem in the Illuminati [Satanism in Music]

Today I just wanted to write an article concerning Eminem, due to many emails and comments I have received regarding whether or not he has quit the Illuminati and is now going against it. This is a question which rose in the minds of many of his fans after listening to songs like “Not Afraid” in which he seems to speak out against something which is not very clear, yet many have concluded is the Illuminati. In this article I give you my point on view, based on the evidence, still whatever it is, I pray for His Salvation just like the Salvation of any other entertainer or person in the world, hope you enjoy the article. Blessings!.

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