Facebook and Coca-Cola [Chip]

http://thedoggstar.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/Facebook-Helps-Set-Stage-for-the-Mark-of-the-Beast.jpgHi everybody, I hope you're doing great, today I wanted to show a quick video exposing just a couple of the many ways in which companies like Facebook and Coca Cola are pushing the idea of the chip in the minds of the people, to set the stage for the moment when the World Government will require them to get a chip in their right hand or the head.

Info: Child Protective Services Kidnaps Children for Profit [NWO]

In this video you’ll see and hear some evidence showing how the CPS, or so called ‘Child Protective Services’, instead of helping children, has been actually legally stealing and drugging kids. The reason for this is simply the financial incentives given by the government for each kid they steal and put on drugs.

Info: Revealing Interview with Jewish Rabbi [Synagogue of Satan]

The Jewish teacher Abraham Finkelstein did not hold his tongue about the real Jewish beliefs and their desires for world control. As he states in the interview, their father and god is Lucifer, just like Yahushua pointed out in John 8:44. He reveals how the Jews have gained control over Christian churches, how they practice human sacrifices, drinking the blood of their victims and selling the meat through fast food restaurants.

Info: Martial Law coming to the United States [New World Order]

Martial Law is just around the corner, one clear sign of this, is that now according to the Department of Justice, by simply missing a finger, a person becomes a Suspected Terrorist. The same goes for whoever may have enough food to last for more than 7 days. They now claim to have the authority to send people to prison and be held without trial, whenever they choose.

Info: Jared Leto’s Illuminati band 30 Seconds to Mars [Satanism]

This video exposes a very obvious Illuminati band called ’30 Seconds to Mars’. They are infatuated, as many other entertainers, with using Satanic and Illuminati symbolism. Their logo is a Pyramid with a capstone, also a Phoenix, which in occultism represents Lucifer. They use the pyramid hand-sign just like Jay Z, Kanye West, and others. Their videos and songs are filled with subliminal messages, some very direct ones, like singing for a “Brave New World”, which is another term used for a New World Order.

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