Dave Chappelle Exposes Homosexuality in HollywoodThe following video, focuses mainly on some comments made by the great comedian Dave Chappelle, during a stand up comedy routine and later on an interview with Oprah, in which he explains why people may consider him a “Conspiracy Theorist”, simply because he connects dots, and since he has been inside the industry for a while, he happens to have found many dots to connect.

As he said it, the environment in the industry is sick, reason why the people in it go through some bizarre behaviors, seeming to the public as “crazy”, when in reality what is crazy, is what goes on behind close doors in Hollywood, which the public ignores. For instance, why is it that, for a black actor to reach a certain status in Hollywood, as one of the great ones, he must dress like a woman or play a homosexual at some point in his career. All the big ones have done it, is like Lucifer and his people (Illuminati) must humiliate them, before giving them any money and fame.

Another important detail to notice from the video, is the sad story of the guy who confronted John Kerry, during one of his speeches, asking him several question, until the moment he asked the right one, wether John Kerry was a member of the Secret Society ‘Skull and Bones’, revealing too much information to the many people gathered at the place, ‘forcing’ cops to carry him out and ultimately use the taser on him, for NO reason at all, other than telling the truth. Dave Chappelle jokes about the incident, trying to make people aware of what is going on in the world, however, most people in the public don’t get the idea and simply laugh at the guy who got tasered. He was treated like a criminal who was trying to take out John Kerry, while all the people in the place only stared at what was going on, not doing a single thing, while the guy was screaming for help, to the full power of his lungs.

It’s so sad to see what society has become.




    March 31, 2011 (02:08)

    No doubt Delvin, you already know, blessings.

  2. delvin

    March 29, 2011 (14:12)

    In all I believe there is a master plan. Look at how the illumunati are shown…….. like its the right thing. Even in school books it defines them as inlighten ones. In todays world gay is the new fashion of selling yourself. If you think what chappelle said is crazy, read up on fema death camp…. it will make you wonder about our goverment we pay taxes to. God a day must come when he will destroy this planet…… again. Looks like they have an escape rout. Every person that has spoke against them has died:ez e, tupac, pimpc, biggie, an actual president. Makes me wonder

  3. The dark monk

    December 4, 2010 (13:33)

    This world is sick and so many persons love it. It seems that when somebody wants to be rich by this way, he must sell his soul. I know so many young men and women who want to be rich and famous, I try to warm them. I have a friend who want a big car, a big house and a very rich husband. She says she is christian….


    November 16, 2010 (19:35)

    No doubt Ozzie, you’re right, is sad but the world is a Matrix and many are “happy” being plugged to it, and most don’t even know they are plugged thinking they are awake and free, and yeah as Gutz said it, those that speak out loose everything, starting with their credibility in the eyes of the public, to their lives, so they rather not speak and “enjoy” the riches of the world in exchange for their soul.

  5. Gutz

    November 16, 2010 (09:59)

    @Ozzie, good questions! Why they don’t step out and talk about it? well I think is because of the Money and Fame, every person that has been in and then opens his eyes and start talking, looses everything, some even their lifes… so they rather stay been manipulated but with money and fame, than becoming poor and noone.

    This guy Chappelle, went crazy to some degree… so they took everything he had.


  6. Ozzie

    November 15, 2010 (00:16)

    I saw this video before…..I think I connected the dots myself, but the question that always comes back to me is why? Why does no one speak out about this? Why is there no voice at all? Living in Brooklyn, there are so many black men that die on a daily basis, some gang related and some for no good reason, and it just saddens me that no one talks about it. No one steps up, it’s as if there’s this big secret that no one is interested in finding out.
    To add fuel to the fire, we celebrate a genre that was supposed to be the voice against the madness, but has become nothing but a tool to continue the madness. How could there be people of great influence (i.e Jay Z, Beyonce, Kanye, Oprah, Will Smith, etc.) and not one speaks out about the atrocities done on a daily basis? And how could no one notice it and continue to support these individuals? And this is not just about the black race, but the obvious system in place….we are indeed in a matrix whether we would like to accept it or not…does anyone want to get un plugged?

    Maybe I’m taking it too seriously, or maybe there’s a dot or two that I haven’t connected…

    Thanks for bringing awareness to this video Sirius. I hope it stirs up somebody, or at least get individuals to start questioning things..


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