Satanic Influence in Hollywood

Hello everybody, I hope everyone is doing great, today I wanted to leave y'all with a video showing several examples of how the world is being influenced by the powers that be on every level, starting with an Axe Commercial, in which we can see Angels falling from heaven to follow the scent of a man, destroying their "halos" as they lay eyes on him, making reference of course to the Fallen Angels of the time of Noah, an event which Yahushúa said would happen again in the End Times (Matthew 24:37). Check out also some scenes from the movie "Lilo & Stitch", showing how subliminally Stitch plays the role of Lucifer, being called project 6-66 and sentenced to life in exiled from its planet, serving its sentence on earth, just like the Serpent. The Bible tells us that Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light and this is implied in the movie "The Master of Disguise", another film full of symbolism, in which we find many times the Eye of Horus, the Pyramid, Serpents and false gods, like Shiva the Destroyer, which I mentioned in the Article Barack Obama's Identity.

The video also shows parts of the movie "Bridge to Therabithia" in which kids are led to unbelief in the Bible, by the arguments of the child actors in it, then in the film "Ghost-rider" with Nicolas Cage, we see the main character selling his soul to the devil to get revenge. Lastly there is a video which I myself saw on MTV a couples months ago and left me in awe seeing how obvious the symbolism was this time, the videoclip was financed by MTV and is for a song called "Pow Pow" by a band called LCD, in the video three guys representing the Mafia, Sports and Music, are offered deals to enter a brotherhood by selling their souls, if they happened to reject, a girl would brainwash them putting Illuminati symbols straight to their minds making them accept, the brotherhood ends up being Freemasonry, eventually they go into a Masonic Lodge in which three other men representing Politics, Military and Police are standing there waiting for them, showing how Illuminati through Masonry has gotten control of all areas of life, now even including athletes, musicians and organized crime.

I hope you found the video informative, may YHWH Almighty Bless you all, and may He protect you from all these conditioning going on in Movies and TV, peace.


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  1. SIRIUS January 3, 2012 at 4:49 pm

    Hi Mel thanks for the comment, I am aware of what you’re saying, first I did not make the video, I just posted it for the good information in it, second that’s how they work sometimes, they are not as obvious, for instance in this case the 626 (Six-TwoSix) could be also seen as 6-66. That was the point in the video.

  2. Mel December 23, 2011 at 12:01 pm

    Stitch was called Experiment 626, not 666. Just FYI.

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