Info: Facebook and Coca-Cola set stage for the Mark of the Beast

Facebook Helps set Stage for the Mark of the BeastHi everybody, I hope you're doing great, today I wanted to show a quick video exposing just a couple of the many ways in which companies like Facebook and Coca Cola are pushing the idea of the chip in the minds of the people, to set the stage for the moment when the World Government will require them to get a chip in their right hand or the head.

Check out how they're using the Facebook application called 'Places' to track your every move and record every moment of your life. They are also throwing parties with Coca-Cola, in which people are given an RFID Chip in a wristband, to start getting young people used to it, using the bracelet for everything in the parties they organize, connecting Facebook with everything going on in the event, in order to make them feel that it would be ”practical” to have the Chip inside the body, because of its capabilities, as you can read in the article called the "Mark of The Beast".

Beware people, all prophecies are being fulfilled, the end is getting closer and closer.


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