• Prison - Koresh [Mixtape: One-אחד-Uno]

Song: Prison
Artist: Koresh
Mixtape: One [אחד] Uno

The Matrix is everywhere, it is all around us.
You can feel it when you go to work, when you go to church
It is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth.
Like everyone else you were born into bondage,
born into a prison that you cannot smell or taste or touch.
A Prison for your mind….

[Sample] Prison, you’re locked and barred within your prison
Prison, forever guarded in your prison,
Prison, where others make all your decisions
And when his wings are cut a bird forgets how to fly.

After this there is no turning back…
Remember all I’m offering is the Truth, nothing more…

No one has ever done anything like this.

The One:
That’s why it’s going to work.

1º Verse
We’re living in a Jail that’s inside a Prison
a Jail for the Mind, in which you are imprisoned
built by an Architect and his Masons
who covered all the bases, tying all your laces
so you fall after three paces
when I rise I wanna see their faces
with the spade I finish all your races
make one nation, burn the racists
organise this world like braces
get out, before you dry like raisins
the Keys were given in Nisan by the Risen
still people don’t reason, lately they can’t even listen
lost at sea, the masses are missing
they’re swimming in confusion
believing illusions generated to trap you in delusion
like evolution
an evil notion that you came from a cell in the middle an ocean
which in turn became a monkey, to believe it one must be a donkey
but people like it funky, playing the wrong key,
preferring the big a bang, to avoid the big day
Judgement on the way
what is speak is not for debate
you were taught to reject the Faith (Emunah)
blindly believing in what the scientist say
don’t you see they are getting pay
keeping people at bay
cause of deceptions you take
like inception to brake your conception of fake,
for whom there’s a lake
– Free will is the game! –
yet they chose to frame a New World Order,
to slave the lame

A prison, not to let you Reason
so that you don’t listen
not to see the Season
they have you in…

2º Verse
Reason why Noah announced the Rain
now I’m here to proclaim the same
for the stained who disdained he who came to reign
instead choosing the one who made the mainframe
of the world programmed in your brain
it is a lie that you have been trained
to accept without hearing a counterclaim
you’re blocked, not to hear the sane
all believe the same,
even though no-one has tested their claims
following a train going straight to a flame
That started before time began
Hillel devised a plan to take over the land
advised a third of angels to rebel against the Man
gave the fruit to Eve and then began
taking what does not belong to him
replacing Truth with what is vain
simple and plain, the Beast is breaking in,
let’s pretend you don’t feel the cage caving in
matter fact, think about it, let it sink in
Humanity is letting him in,
scientist are gonna bring the end
– What a spin! –
the Creator said it would be happening
yet they use the same prophecies to claim
He is mean or insane because of the pain,
not seeing that only man is to blame
going on the wrong lane,
with the only aim to gain the fame and money of this plane
you’re high as a plane and shall fall when is time to pay
I’m here to show you the gate,
don’t go for the bait, is already late

Coro x2
A prison, not to let you Reason
so that you don’t listen
not to see the Season
they have you in… a prison…

If you are not one of us, you are one of them.
Sooner or later, someone is going to have to fight them.
Every single man or woman who has stood their ground,
everyone who has fought an agent has died.
But where they have failed, you will succeed.

-The Matrix is a Computer Generated Dreamworld-

3º Verse
We’re dying in a Jail that’s inside a Prison
a Prison for the Soul, in which you are imprisoned
the Vessel which is sinful
got you working as a tool for the flesh
to bring the rule of the fool
three level deep like the legs of a stool
Samael Hillel and Azazel to make humanity null
wandering luminaries that came down for your soul
they ain’t prepare for the bull
soon the time for Earth is full
as when Yahushua came to school those who rule
descending to his footstool, this Prison (Pre-son)
since it was before the Son
and now has come, time for you to run
the wrath of the lamb will manifest on the land
people have their houses built on sand
will you be able to stand? (Rev.6:17)
Are you Able or Stan?
Set, Cain, Job or Abraham?
can you understand?
your rights are being taken by Satan
what’s crazy you keep chanting yes we can!
bringing Abaddon again
your heart is dark like a cave and sealed like a can, like Vatican
but what can I say, if you ain’t hungry, then I guess is over
you cannot get over what they have built over your mind
so I’m here to guide, as the anomaly for you to find true reality,
this 3 dimensionality in actuality
has to do with a 3 fold entity
being form in the womb of the whore of babylon
and gestation won’t take long

Coro x4
A prison, not to let you Reason
so that you don’t listen
not to see the Season
they have you in…

The Architect:
I am the Architect
I created the Matrix
I’ve been waiting for you