Mixtape: One [אחד] Uno – Koresh ≈The Seer≈

3º Mixtape by Koresh, based on everything that has to do with unity, oneness and uniqueness, starting of course with that of the Most High, the Almighty Who is One. As a hint, the album cover is a graphic representation of the One, as First and Last. The goal of this work is to lead those with ears to hear, to the One and Only Father Creator Almighty Yahweh and His Only Begotten Son Yahushua HaMashíach, to make them, who are One, known throughout the world, according to the Truth, for the masses have been blinded to follow many demons, fallen angels and evil spirits, which they honor as elohim (“gods”) through a number of false doctrines.

Canis Major Army (CMA)

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