Is Eminem still Illuminati?

Is he out for good, afraid to speak out, or working as counter-intelligence?

I decided to write this article because I have received many emails and comments regarding Eminem, whether I think he is fighting the Illuminati as many want to believe, or if he is still part of their agenda. I have heard some of his latest material in which he seems to be going against something or someone, songs like "Not afraid" and "25 to Life", which have led many of his current and former fans to believe he is actually going against the Illuminati, as 2Pac and Pimp C did before being murdered, in which case if true, I think Eminem would be saying and doing a lot more than what he has said and done so far.

I understand that one factor that could make him not open his mouth as much, would be fear of death, yet the actual song causing people to wonder if he is against Illuminati is "Not afraid", so to me it makes no sense, since we are talking of a guy who became popular by not caring about anything, starting with his life and what others thought, only his message or ideas, no matter how wrong or twisted they can be. If nowadays it were true and he had decided to blast the Illuminati, why not call out names like he always has done, why not be clear with his fans about what the Music Industry really is, who is the one behind it and speak of the evil influence from other entertainers in the game who are working to create a New World Order. Instead I have come to believe that Eminem is simply being used by the Illuminati, as usual, making him a hero for those of his fans who are starting to wake up to the truth of what is going on in the world, so that they may fall again, by following him as a leader or listening to what he has to say, instead of those who are actually trying to open the eyes of the people. In other words, I think it could be that Eminem is being used as Counter-Intelligence, making those that are seeking the truth, follow one of them for that truth, reason why also he isn't speaking clearly, so that his fans still asleep, may remain in that state, while those awaking may think he is fighting for them, in this way getting the masses and the truth-seekers as well.

It seems like Eminem is trying to confuse people and gain as many fans as he can, winning some of those who know about Illuminati and are no longer supporting other entertainers like Jay Z. When it comes to the title of his album which led many to believe he started going against the Illuminati, it could mean "Recovery" from drugs and the consequences of many wrong decisions, for instance as believed by many, allowing for his best friend Proof to be his Blood Sacrifice, a death which was portrayed one year before in the video "Toy Soldiers", like they like to do, and which had an impact on Eminem, according to many of his Songs.

I must say, it would be great if he actually turns against them and uses his popularity to open the eyes of his millions of fans around the world, but I believe we still have a lot to see from him, to be able to say he is really going against the Illuminati, as I said above, he should be more outspoken about it if is true, just like he has been with everything else.

Symbolism in Album "Recovery"

There are some interesting pictures in his album "Recovery" which I would like to now bring to your attention. First let me point out a rather strange but spot on connection between the way the name of the album is written on the cover and the logo for the movie "REC".

Recovery Album Cover

The slogan for the Movie says "Trapped, No Mercy, No Scape, No One Gets Out Alive".


Coincidentally, on Eminem's album cover, the REC with the red circle, which could be making reference to being "Trapped" with "No Mercy" and "No Scape", is followed by the word "VERY".

Could he be saying that he is VERY "Trapped" with "No Scape"?

Pyramid and the Light

Though many may think this connection is farfetched, let me show you another picture on the album that seems to support this theory.

Back of the Album

In this image you can see Eminem clearly trapped in a glass box. Not only that, but also look at the way he seems to be pointing at something behind him with his thumb, that something being the pyramid behind him, with the lamp right at the top, which represents the light of Lucifer. This could be another way of saying it is the Pyramid what got him in the Glass box, interestingly enough, the pyramid is outside, yet the light of lucifer is in the box with him.

Pyramid and Lamp Close Up

All Seeing Eye

Inside the album, one can find another image which could indicate where Eminem stands, showing the All Seeing Eye of Lucifer, while at the same time kinda looking like he made a mistake.

All Seeing Eye

Eminem's Allegiance

Next check out a picture from the cover of the Billboard magazine where Eminem is doing a gesture commonly used by FreeMasons to show their allegiance.

Eminem on Billboard

Eminem's Acquaintances

Here's Eminem with Tyler, the creator of the Satanic group Odd Future, which I have discussed here on the site before.

Eminem on Billboard

This obviously is not a good sign, even if Eminem was trying to get out of the Illuminati and fight against them, he is still supporting Lucifer's music and puppets. I know that he doesn't necessarily will come to the Bible to find the answers right away, though he should, but if he has come to know what Lucifer is doing to this world, if he himself sold his soul to Satan as he has plainly claimed in many of his songs, then he must come to the understanding at some point that there is only one way out. Getting out of the "industry", yet still suport the so called god who supposedly bought his soul, is not the answer AT ALL.

Eminem's Illuminati Pendant

Lastly, I want to show you a symbol which Eminem was seen wearing during the past Grammys while accepting an award, honor which if I may say I don't think he would have received, if he was indeed going against the system.

Though MTV and many others have claimed it is the Alcoholic Anonymous symbol, this symbol was actually used way before AA, by Aleister Crowley, whom I have mentioned in many other articles. He was known as the "Wickedest Man" and "The Beast 666", he was the creator of the Fraternal Order "Argenteum Astrum" and used this occult symbol to identify it, the Masonic triangle within a circle, with the acronym A.A. inscribed below it, nowadays known worldwide as the Symbol for Alcoholics Anonymous. Aleister Crowley published a book in 1922 entitled "Diary of a Drug Fiend", book in which he presents a satanic program of recovery from drug addiction. Only the publication of the book "Diary of a Drug fiend" predates Alcoholics Anonymous by 17 years, and it so happens that there are many themes and phrases on the book which are used in “The Big Book” of Alcoholic Anonymous, sometimes in a similar way, sometimes identical.

The ideology of these doctrines is simply that free will is useless therefore you should hand it over to someone else.

Is Eminem with or against the Illuminati?

Like I have said before, the signs indicate to me that Eminem is still part of the Illuminati but in a different way. I recognize there may be certain signs that he has realized how deep into it he is, and does not know what to do, whether honest or fake we'll have to wait and see, but if it is real, if it is fear of Death what is keeping him from speaking out clearly, all he has to do is come to repentance of his actions and accept the Messiah Yahushua as Savior, who paid for all his sins already, so that he understands he should fear no man, not even a so called god, but only YHWH ALmighty.

Luke 12:5-7
5 But I will show you whom you should fear: Fear Him who, after He has killed, has power to cast into hell; yes, I say to you, fear Him!
6 “Are not five sparrows sold for two copper coins? And not one of them is forgotten before YHWH. 7 But the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Do not fear therefore; you are of more value than many sparrows.

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