Michael Jackson

Dead or Alive?

Here is the second and most likely last update to the article on Michael Jackson's death and the connections to the Illuminati.  I have had all these info waiting for me to put it all together, but it has not been as simple as I thought, since a lot of the evidence coming out lately on Michael Jackson´s death is just opening more questions that answering, which I´ll put here for everybody to feel free to give their own opinion at the bottom, maybe Michael will read it and clear this whole thing up, Holla at me MJ, I want some inside info lol.

Is Michael Jackson Alive?

There has been much speculation about Michal Jackson maybe being alive, claiming his death was actually a hoax to escape certain individual and his money problems as well as the Illuminati, interestingly there is a lot of peculiar evidence supporting this theory.

For example, there is a series of videos in YouTube made by JonellStar in which she is showing all the evidence pointing to the death Michael being a Hoax. Here I´ll show you a couple of those videos I found quite remarkable, the first you´ll hear Lou Ferrigno saying in a interview that unlike what everybody has said on the news about Michael being in bad health, he was in perfect shape and couldn't wait to start the tour, also pointing out some characteristics about Michael that only add more fuel to the belief of MJ pulling the hoax, like the fact that he would love to wear disguises and make different voices to prank people even mentioning using a Mannequin in an ambulance to fool the paparazzi.


I´d like to point out from the past video also, the last interview with the guy who presented, what I´m sure was a double of Michael Jackson, during the Press Conference for the tour ¨This is It¨, who said that he was told about the job the day before, something I find odd, like if it was just set up to fit its purpose in the whole ¨hoax¨ or future coverage of his tragic death before his last tour making everyone believe Michael was actually alive and going to make the tour. He also said that the first thing ¨Michael¨ did was ask if the teleprompter on, as if he didn't even know what to do or say even though no one could know more about the tour than himself, if it was him that is, plus, as the guy mentioned, he didn't need it since all he ended up saying was ¨this is it this is it cause this is it¨, something way to simple, maybe for the double not to mess things up.

In this next video you can see how part of the hoax belief is, that Michael Jackson himself is Dr. Murray, disguised as he did for the video Ghost, being his own murderer which would be a crazy twist in the whole hoax production. Adding to this belief there is also his regular physician Dr. Arnie Klain saying on Larry King supposedly by mistake that Michael is the most talented actor and also Kenny Ortega, the Emmy award winning director and producer, taking it one step further saying that Michael had been with him in the same building where they had the memorial, less than a week before, even though the memorial was 12 days after the supposed death. He also ¨mistakenly¨ said during an interview that Michael Jackson was the one who took care of directing the movie ¨This is It¨.


Was the Hoax created by Illuminati?

I would like to think he is alive, believe that he was actually clever enough to fool the Illuminati in this way, he was without a doubt a extremely talented and smart guy, but it really makes me doubt since, if indeed his death was a hoax, like the evidence supporting this shows, seems like way too many people knew about it, even the media seemed to have been involved, which makes it seem as if it may have been to fool the public and not really the Illuminati, but then, the real fans were the ones able to spot the many details which not fit in the picture presented by the media to the public, so then they believe Michael just wanted to let them know. He was a performer, that´s what he did best, he always made the best videos/short-films and even before his death, he was talking a lot about wanting to begin getting involved in film, like directing, and create something that had never been done in the industry. Could it be that he is now making his last and most memorable performance to the whole world taking the fiction of the TV to the real lives of all his fans. What if that is exactly what the Illuminati is trying to make the fans think and is using all that energy of all these people for their purposes whether to reach certain goal of theirs or just to keep everybody focus on his death or possible hoax while they keep destroying the world and taking our liberties.

The Occult Ritual

If in fact everything still the same since the last update and he is dead, taking in account several of the points on the hoax theory, I would think that he was dead way before the media announced it, since the guy doing the conference for ¨This is it¨ was obviously one of his doubles. I believe they chose that date to make it official and known to the world because of the occult importance of it, as discussed in the first article on his death, and also for the release of negative energies in the entire world, like the sadness and suffering, to please their demons who are junkies for these, reason why the Illuminati wants the world under constant fear, filling them every day with Terror. They did the same on July 7th, another meaningful date, only for the emotion of the people to flow since there was not even a body in the casket, yet the whole world was crying mourning the body of MJ.

There is something which should be mentioned and it is that whether or not a hoax, the Illuminati has used his death to speed their agenda at a very fast paste, first, on the day he died they passed a bill to reduce human liberties further, on the day of his memorial the pope called for a world political authority, he meant the beast I´m sure, also they passed ¨Hitler´s¨ health care bill, then the Codex Alimentarius cataloging all Nutrients as ¨poisons¨ and Barack Obama just signed an executive order not long ago that puts the United States on the verge of Martial Law. Michael Jackson´s death and everything involved in it, have been a clear distraction from all that is going on in the world as they keep working to form their New World (dis)Order.

Is Dr. Murray a Mason?

There are reports claiming Dr. Murray is a Freemason, mainly because of the picture showed next, in which he is wearing a Freemason Lodge Officer Chain Collar, yet a Masonic website claims that he belongs to a fake lodge saying that the "United Most Worshipful Scottish Rite Grand Lodge of Texas, A.F.& A.M." which is supposed to be the one Dr. Murray belongs to, is a group that has been long recognized as a bogus organization. (Source:MasonicInfo)

Conrad Murray Masonicofficer

Some of those who think it was a hoax believe that Michael is playing the role of Dr. Murray, but I found some reports on Dr. Murray's criminal past, showing how he has been sentenced to jail a couple times before but has never step a foot in a cell, maybe being a Mason has something to do with it, twice he got in trouble with the law for child support and once back in 1994 for domestic violence of which arrest is the next picture.(Sources: Hollyscoop & ExtraTV)

Dr. Murray arrested in 1994

I guess Michael was murdered by a hired Dr. Mason who needed a clean record and has been regarded as a fake Mason by his brethren once the news of his allegiance to the cult were known.

Sacrifice of Michael as a Messiah Figure

In the first article about MJ´s death, I wrote most of the relations of Michael Jackson being sacrificed by the Illuminati, being like a Jesus figure, as a ritual and also as preparation for what could be the biggest Deception the world will ever go through, a fake second coming of of the Messiah, exactly 3 and half years after Michael´s death, a number known very well by all students of Bible prophecy to be one of the two equal last periods in history, the first of the last 7 years to be exact. After I had come to all those conclusions which you can read in ¨Michael Jackson: Illuminati Ritual¨, I was surprised to find a lot more connections to this theory being a reality, whether hoax or not, it applies to both as you´ll see.

Something that to me was very big to support the theory, was the song they chose for the choir to sing while they were introducing Michael into the place, if it was that his body was in the casket which I don´t believe, which would even give more credibility since they were supposedly bringing into the place Michael Jackson, which means ¨Who is like the Mighty One?, the Son of Jacob¨, that is the Messiah Yahushúa according to the Bible, and everybody bought it, in the place were the memorial took place and also all around the world and all this was going on while they were all chanting:

“Soon and Very Soon”

Soon and very soon we are gonna see the king, talking about the Messiah since it is a christian song talking of the second coming of Yahushúa

Think about it, this could represent the fake presentation of Yahushúa to the world, which everyone will buy, because it will receive full coverage in the media like the death of Michael did and will also be an empty image like the casket at the memorial, filled only with all the emotion of the people of the world who will be completely deceived by the technology in the hands of the Beast. Also remember that for a prince to begin his reign as king, in this case of the POPulation of the world, as explained in the first article, the King of the moment must die first and remember that the murdered of Michael, ¨the black king of the POP¨, was done to bring a new black king into the hearts of the world, Barack Obama who around the time of Michael´s death was just reaching his 173th day of which he spoke during his speech at the dinner in May at the White House, which I mentioned in ¨The Last 7 Years¨ and adding to this, now the mass sacrifice of hundreds of thousands of people as another ritual in Haiti, which I know is a sensitive subject to talk about and I pray to YHWH Almighty for every soul out there, but if you investigate enough you would come to the conclusion, as myself, that the Haiti Earthquake tragedy was done by the powers that be, using H.A.A.R.P Technology which I will get more into in another article in the future, all these to make the image of Obama once again lovable by the whole world, since most of his credibility has been lost, yet this is in the United States, which sadly but true, he does not care about much what the country thinks but what world thinks.

The Purpose of ¨This is It¨

The theory of Michael´s death preceding the fake second coming of Yahushúa is also supported by the movie ¨This is It¨ as well as the theory of this whole thing being a Hoax. Many people believe that Michael was going to warn all the people of the world if possible during the tour, about all that the Illuminati has planned for the world for the next 3 years, 4 when the movie was being filmed, some others believe that he is still on it, with the hoax, but either way, the movie gave everyone a hint of what he knew about what is coming in 2012, as you can hear in the next video as he expressively says that "We got 4 years to get it right, or else it is irreversible".


The songs that were used in the movie and their order seemed to have some significance as well, for instance the song thriller could be related to the chapter in the Bible speaking of the pit of hell opening at some point, which would let all evil spirits out to posses whatever they can.

Revelation 9
1And the fifth angel sounded, and I saw a star fall from heaven unto the earth: and to him was given the key of the bottomless pit.
2And he opened the bottomless pit; and there arose a smoke out of the pit, as the smoke of a great furnace; and the sun and the air were darkened by reason of the smoke of the pit.
3And there came out of the smoke locusts upon the earth: and unto them was given power, as the scorpions of the earth have power.


Then by the end of thriller, you can see a spider coming on stage, which could mean in a way, a Star Gate, because of its eight legs, representing the octagon which is commonly used by Illuminati to symbolize star gates, this would mean then that Michael or a Fake Messiah would be entering this dimension right after something very ugly is happening in the world, when the spider(star gate) is opened and Michael(Jesus) appears with open arms as Christ on the cross being revealed out of the spider(star gate), then the song thriller suddenly changes to a somewhat angelical choir, like most would imagine the coming of their Christ being, seeming to bring peace, yet once again not long after the new appearance, he begins performing the most symbolical song of all, to support basically all theories, because of its content and the timing in which he decided to perform it along the show.

Here is about a 90% of the song for you to read it for yourself with my comments in a parenthesis on the side and keywords of the song in bold letters.

Michael Jackson

Tonight’s story is somewhat unique and calls for a different kind of introduction
A monster had arrived in the village (Monster=Beast & Village=World)
The major ingredient of any recipe for fear is the unknown
And this person or thing is soon to be met (could it be the beast and its image?)
He knows every thought, he can feel every emotion (¨The Architect of the Universe¨?)
Oh yes, I did forget something didn’t I? I forgot to introduce you to the monster.
You’re fearing me, ‘cause you know I’m a beast
Watching you when you sleep, when you’re in bed
I’m underneath
You’re trapped in halls, and my face is the walls
I’m the floor when you fall, and when you scream it’s ‘cause of me
I’m the living dead, the dark thoughts in your head (Where do the dark thoughts come from?)
I heard just what you said
That’s why you’ve got to be threatened by me
You think you’re by yourself, but it’s my touch you felt
I’m not a ghost from Hell, but I’ve got a spell on you (Lucifer is not in hell yet, that is Samael)
Your worst nightmare, it's me, I'm everywhere (The god of this world)
In one blink I’ll disappear, and then I’ll come back to haunt you (The Fake rapture?)
I’m telling you, when you lie under a tomb (He who was, is not but will be)
I’m the one watching you (The all seeing eye?)
That’s why you got to be threatened by me

The unknown monster is about to embark
From a far corner, out of the dark
A nightmare, that’s the case
Never Neverland, that’s the place (the opposite of eternity in the Kingdom of YHWH)
This particular monster can read minds (from a higher dimension, hence the need of a star gate)
Be in two places at the same time (same as above, lol)
This is judgment night, execution, slaughter
The devil, ghosts, this monster is torture
You can be sure of one thing, that’s fate
A human presence that you feel is strange
A monster that you can see disappear
A monster, the worst thing to fear.

What you have just witnessed could be the end of a particularly terrifying nightmare.
It isn’t. It’s the beginning. (Right after the fake coming of of the Messiah everyone will believe the nightmare is over but it will be actually just starting  and lasting for the next 3 and half years)
This is how the end is gonna unfold

Very clearly he states this is how the end is going to unfold, I don´t think this could be clearer, now if you are thinking that is too far-fetched given the fact that the song was written so long ago, remember that the Illuminati has their plans laid out decades in advance, since at the end it is not their plan but that of the god they serve, Lucifer. Then also, keep in mind the articles on all the artist who sold their souls to the Devil literally, to receive all the fame and power, remember that Michael was the most famous guy in the world, in the same art as the rest of artist who sold their souls, music, this could mean that maybe since he was taking into the music industry as a little kid, pure in mind, the devil was able to make almost complete use of him, turning him into what he became, channeling his songs from the spirit named lee he claimed to have in his house living in the room of mirrors who would speak to him. I believe he realized what was going on with him and in his whole life and started doing his own research into the occult must likely and several religions and saw his bosses, the Illuminati, for what they really are, devils controlling him from inside and out, so then he turn against it and was murdered because of his knowledge on what the powers that be have in mind since he had been under their wing ever since he could remember, so I believe at the end he got his soul back by the mercy of the Most High since he might have never given it consciously in the first place which it would be when it actually counts, cause you are not guilty of a sin unless you know is a sin or in other words unless you know what you are doing and Michael being just a kid, that lifestyle is all he knew, but thankfully it seems, like I said before, that by the mercy of the Most High he opened his eyes before disappearing.

Did Michael Jackson fake his death, which would be the unknown mentioned in the intro, or is the unknown he is talking about the spirit world, which the world is blind to and will be dramatically open to right after 2012. Maybe he faked his death to escape the harassment of the FBI for 14 years or maybe instead the FBI decided that the best shot would be to get rid of him.


At the end, you can see what Michael Jackson showed by the end of the movie ¨This is It¨ in which he was playing a character from an old movie called ¨Gilda¨ who fakes his death to get vengeance at the end, by surprising the woman giving the name to the movie, representing those who fell for the hoax or maybe the whore ¨Babylon¨.

So my conclusion is that I have no conclusive conclusion, but these next three options which I leave here for everybody to think about and comment right below:

1. They killed him a while back before July 25th 2009 and the Illuminati is doing the whole hoax thing to keep ALL the fans still focused on him and every detail around his possible death while they use it to further their plans of world control.

2. Michael Jackson is doing the hoax, with the media and everybody involved, as the greatest stunt ever to be pulled by the greatest performer, his last job, like said before, taking fiction to reality, bringing the whole world into his movie, his final act.

3. He is pulling the Hoax and is planning something against the Illuminati to expose them, which is what most people who believe he is death, think he was going to do at the tour.

Either way I know he is fine wherever he may be at.

Peace and Blessings

83 COMMENTS ON THIS POST To “Michael Jackson, Dead or Alive?”

  1. Jelena February 20, 2015 at 1:20 pm

    I am Fan Michael Jackson know that is ALIVE and yes hiding I watched video recordings and I read :)

  2. alesia hammond February 19, 2015 at 8:31 pm

    Yes i agree even if he is dead or alive hez fine were he is thankyou for posting this and my final words will be my opinion im not fully sure if hes alive or not i believe he is im his most biggest fan ever and always will be no one could ever love him the way i do i really love him with all my hear im his most biggest fan you could ever meet talk to and see im even getting some of his books for my birthday

  3. jhene Yeoman January 16, 2015 at 7:22 pm

    I love M.j but he isn’t alive I am 9 he dI’d when I was 2

  4. TRE December 26, 2014 at 7:13 pm

    Michael is dead… and he wasn’t involved in any secret societies other than generic satanism passed down through his father. Michael admitted on TV to channeling his “spirit guide” (a.k.a. familiar spirit demon) posing as “Lee Liberace” and he admitted to channeling other entities (some without names).

    It seems as though Michael Jackson was deeply involved with the dark side and one of his personalities (from Multiple Personality Disorder – MPD) could have attacked young male children to re-enact the abuse he supposedly received from his own father. Michael said it wasn’t him doing that, it was “an other” which in MPD world means another sub-personality did it.

    From my limited understanding, it seems like Michael Jackson served satan. He himself is reported saying: “In the devil’s game. Even sell my soul to the devil.” – Michael Jackson.

    He was a pawn to many illuminati types, including Louis Farrakhan who ran, with his “security teams,” Michael Jackson’s security team and administrators.

  5. Deeor Centenol November 13, 2014 at 9:10 pm


  6. gautam October 31, 2014 at 5:09 am

    HI.. guys my name is gautam and i am from india. I am a huge fan of MJ. and this news are really shoking. I wish you collect more imformation about this and i hope MJ is live. I LOVE YOU MJ…………… your biggest fan ever gautam and gaurav

  7. Ninja star October 10, 2014 at 3:34 pm

    Micahel jackson was legend, like John f Kennedy he tried to expose the illuminati and open the eyes of the people. He was murdered because he was a threat to their plans, just like Martin Luther and Malcolm x was murdered. He wanted to go to the O2 and reveal the evil society, the illuminati and he also wanted to convert to Islam. His brother jermaine used to send him books about Islam and he read them avidly. For Islam is the religion which the illuminati most hates, cause it is a religion which does not change or succumb to their evil plans. So again, they killed a fighter for freedom, who wrote about peace and love in his songs. He was a legend and always will be in our hearts.

  8. prince agyenim boateng September 19, 2014 at 7:36 am

    thanks for your words and be careful cuz there are next to you.

  9. yazi August 19, 2014 at 8:10 am

    OMG!i learned a lot from this article.kinda scary about the illuminati….Michael,wherever you are right now I hope you are in good health, have peace of mind and faith in the true ALMIGHTY GOD…..

  10. Viviana Barrantes August 4, 2014 at 12:04 am

    You are welcome Monishaa!

  11. monishaa August 2, 2014 at 10:28 am

    Thank u very much for tis article.. Am mj’s big fan.. Either he is alive or dead, am happy tat still its a chaos.. Am happy thinking tat still he is alive.. Playing, laughing, dancing somewhr..

  12. monishaa August 2, 2014 at 10:24 am

    Thank u very much for tis post.. Am mj’s big fan.. Either he is alive or dead, am happy tat still its a chaos.. Am happy thinking tat still he is alive, playing, laughing, dancing somewhr..

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