Song: Diferente al Resto – Koresh [One [אחד] Uno]

Diferente al RestoI've been away from the sites for a while, as well as the music, doing a series of things that I will be announcing here soon. Finally I went to the studio this weekend to record a new track, hoping to be more present here bringing many new things, many more songs, more music videos, as well as books and videos with highly relevant information for our times, basically explaining everything that has to do with the lyrics of my songs, which are of course very different from everything that you hear nowadays, which is why this new song is entitled “Diferente al Resto” ("Different from the Rest") and is the first track of the next Mixtape which is called "One [אחד] One". I hope you enjoy it, you can read the lyrics here if you wish and download it here for free, share it if you like, like the rest of my music, many blessings!!

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      Diferente al Resto - Koresh

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