Song: “Prison” – Koresh [One [אחד] Uno]

Prison (the Matrix)This song pretty much explains, on a Spiritual level, what the Movie “Matrix” was trying to portray. Society is trapped, the Enemy has created a Mental Prison through the many lies they tell over the News, the many programs they put on TV, the false science they teach our kids in school, and the doctrines of demons found in Churches, no matter the religion. Besides this mental Prison, there's also the flesh, which is like a Jail that tries to keep us locked in Sin, as slaves feeding the Ego. Ergo, the first line in the song: "We’re living in a Jail that’s inside a Prison"

Thankfully, the Almighty Yahweh already gave us a way out through His Son Yahushua, for it is written: “The Truth shall make you Free” (Jn.8:32). Once you know what they are doing, you can see through their lies, once you know their language, their signs and symbols, you can understand what they are really saying and doing, just as Neo was able to see the code by the end of the Movie.

I hope you enjoy the song, click here if you’d like to download the track, and here if you’d like to read the lyrics.

Be free!
Blessings y’all.

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      Prison - Koresh

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