Info: Alicia Keys Exposed as Illuminati Puppet [Satanism in Music]

Here is a quick video, which shows a set of pictures of Alicia Keys, doing some of the same signs as every other celebrity, using several Satanic symbols utilized by the Illuminati and Freemasons, connecting her to the Masonic branch for women, which is called “Order of the Eastern Star”.

Info: Illuminati controls the Music Industry [Secret Societies]

What´s up everybody, today I brought you a video which displays a bunch of examples of artists revealing their alliance to the Illuminati and Lucifer as their God, showing only one eye, to represent the Eye of Lucifer, as explained in the article regarding The Illuminati. There’s also the Pyramid, representing the New World Order under the Eye, as seen in the One Dollar Bill, showing the same connection.

The Illuminati extensive explanation about the origin of the Secret Society founded by Adam Weishaupt, named the Illuminati. A display of the obvious control they hold over the worlds biggest companies, related to every aspect of our lives. In this article, you'll understand the connection between this Secret Society and their New World Order, with the Prophecies of Scriptures, from the Book of the Revelation and the Book of Daniel the Prophet, talking about the End Times.

Illuminati New World Order is a study about an interesting Card Game that was created in 1990 by a man named Steve Jackson. The game is called "Illuminati: New World Order", or INWO for short. Amazingly enough, this game has a lot of revealing information on what the Illuminati has been planing to do for many years in order to take total control over the Earth, which includes ultimately bringing the False-Messiah, also known as the "Anti-Christ".

Freemasons in Hip Hop's a detailed and well documented explanation of how most Hip Hop entertainers are part of the Freemasons, as nothing more than pawns in their game. In this article I focus on Jay Z, Kanye West and Nas, three of the main puppets in the entertainment industry used by the heads of the New World Order for mass control.