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The Dogg Star’s Album “Get SIRIUS” is here!

It's time to "Get SIRIUS!" my people, I hope everybody is doing great, I apologize for taking a while to post this but it's finally here, I feel so blessed to be finally writing this, it took a long time and lots of work, it has been a big spiritual fight, mostly this last month, but thanks to the Most High YHWH Yahushua, finally as promised, here's the official release of my Debut Album "Get SIRIUS!", which you can now Download here for Free.

If you wish to help this site you can also get a hard copy of the album for only $9.98 with free shipping, on PayPal, with any credit card, from anywhere in the world.

Album Get SIRIUS- $9.98 - Free Shipping

I made this whole album for y'all, so I really hope you enjoy it, peace, blessings and thanks for all your constant support!

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