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Satanic Influence through Hip Hop Music

Here's another great video by KijaniAmariAK of the series Satanism in Hip Hop, this one focused mostly on Will Smith & Jada Pinkett's daughter, Willow Smith, I have heard a lot about this little girl lately, sadly being driven down the road of perdition at such a short age by her blind parents, so I decided to post this video talking about her, very sad that Illuminati's plan is so far along, seeing clearly Lucifer's influence everywhere, nowadays even through talented kids such as Will Smith's Children, shown in the video doing the Baphomet Sign wearing Skulls glorifying death, promoting the same as all the older puppets, like Jay Z and the rest. Check out also Bun B being clear about who he follows and who he is working for, rocking the number 666, as well as Kanye West explaining a bit why he chose the phoenix metaphor, as every other artist, since the Phoenix represents Lucifer the Bird(Angel) who fell and is hoping to rise back to its former position in heaven, with the help of all these people who serve him and propagate his worship around the world through their wicked art.


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