Info: Barack Obama is a CIA Creation [Illuminati Control]

today I’m bringing a very interesting video exposing President Barack Obama, as a CIA creation, surprisingly enough, by a TV News Report. However, for some people, this is not really news, since besides this report, there’s a lot of information that has come out regarding this very fact, that basically Barack Obama was grown his entire life for his current Position as President of the USA, and maybe even leader of the World.

Barack Obama, the First Beast of Revelations

Finally, I have finished an article which I had been working on for months now, what took me this long was not being able to concentrate for some reason, which actually made believe there was some spiritual battle going on, because it seriously has been a while and I’ve had the information all these time, but now is finally done. It is pretty long, but I promise is worth the time, so I invite you to go and find out who Barack Obama seems to be according to the Bible and other writtings.

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Barack Obama, the First Beast

Article: Signs of the End Times [Prophecy]

Here’s a very detailed account of the many Signs of the End Times that are being fulfilled nowadays, and those that have been fulfilled already, as prophesied by the Messiah in the Scriptures. We’ll go through pretty much every sign mentioned in Mathew 24, while also using other important verses from the book of the Revelation and the books of the Prophets, so that you may realize that we are living in the End Times without a doubt, and the Last 7 Years of human history could start at any moment.