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Satanic control of Hip Hop

Here's another video to follow up with those talking about Satanism in Hip Hop and all the control that goes on in the Music Industry, this one starts with how they began going after Michael Jackson after he realized they were completely manipulating his career and ultimately his life, reason why he started to speak out and this made the Illuminati kill him, then the video goes on to talk about T.I.'s case, which is the other way the Illuminati uses to get control over these people as T.I., by threatening to send him to jail, you'll hear one of his old peers freestyling about how odd it is that T.I. was caught with so many weapons and didn't do the time one would normally do, as well as Alfamega talking about how T.I. is down with Secret Societies even though he warned him about all of it, fact which T.I. makes obvious in the song "Dead and Gone", with the title first relating to the first degree ritual in Freemasonry of having to die to your old self and then be born into the light of Lucifer, also making reference to the death of his cousin which as some claim could have been his Blood Sacrifice to get in, since "coincidently" all of these was happening around the same time as he was about to go to jail, in the video he meets with a representative of the Illuminati, plaid by Justin Timberlake, a mind control victim since kid, they meet at the crossroads where T.I> comes to sell his soul, so that he can get out of jail easily and keep on with the fame. By the end you'll also get a glance of Jadakiss rapping about the Illuminati quite clearly without saying names, the video also touches a bit on the subject of how the Illuminati has been focused for many years in dehumanizing the people through mind control by the used of all their propaganda within the lyrics of the music you hear, what you see in movies and all over the TV. Lastly and sadly there's KRS proving how the Illuminati has been going even for some former Underground artists such as this and Common, which no longer has sense, KRS has been teaching new age stuff, saying Illuminati doesn't run things yet doesn't want to offend them lol, sad and pitiful.


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