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Dave Chappelle on Secret Societies

Hello people, here's a video focusing mainly on some comments made by the great Comedian Dave Chappelle, once during a Stand Up Comedy routine and another during an interview with Oprah, in which he explains why he could be consider a "Conspiracy Theorist", simply because he connects the dots, and obviously, him being inside the industry for a while, has found many dots to connect, as he said it, the environment in the industry is sick, reason why the people in it go through some bizarre behaviors, seeming to the public as "crazy", when the crazy thing, is what is going on behind close doors in Hollywood, which the public ignores, for instance, why is it that, for a black actor to reach a status in Hollywood, as one of the big ones, he must dress like a woman or play a homosexual at some point in their careers, all of the big ones have done it, is like Lucifer and his people(Illuminati) must humiliate them, before giving them any money and fame. Another important detail to notice from the video is the sad story of the guy who confronted John Kerry, during one of his speeches, asking him several question, until the moment he asked the right one, revealing too much information, to the many people gathered at the place, "forcing" the cops in the place to carry him out and ultimately taser him, for NO good reason, other than telling the truth, he was treated like a criminal, trying to take out John Kerry, while ALL the people in the place only stared at what was going on, not doing a single thing, while the guy was screaming for help, to the full power of his lungs, is so, so sad what society has come to.


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