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Beyonce admits a Spirit comes into her

Hey y'all, I have talked before a little bit about Beyonce's alter-ego Sasha Fierce and how it is basically the demon that possesses her when she gets on stage to perform, after she sold her soul for all that she has now, she herself said that Sasha Fierce was born during the shoot of her video "Crazy in Love" which is, as usual in them, full of symbolism, showing how Jay Z basically kills the good Beyonce to give birth to the evil Sasha Fierce through an obvious visual ritual as you can see in the video below. After that check out the picture from a Rolling Stone article on her, putting it all very clear right on the title, then lastly check out the video from a revealing interview in which Beyonce goes into a lot more detail concerning Sasha Fierce even to the point of explaining how before she enters into the scene, she raises her hands and how the first time literally felt the entity enter her, is real people; peace.



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