Info: Rapper Ras Kass exposes the Illuminati’s New World Order

I was listening to a little bit of 90’s Hip Hop and I ran across a couple tracks by a Rapper named Ras Kass, entitled “Soul on Ice” (Remix) and “Ordo ab Chao”, and I was very surprise to hear him mention the New World Order, speaking clearly about who runs the Government, which is why, perhaps, we haven’t hear from him ever since.


The main focus is to expose the Illuminati and their New World Order, to make you aware of their existence, in order for you not to fall in their trap. As always, giving the honor to the Almighty Yahweh, and His Son Yahushua, speaking of the prophecies found in Scriptures regarding the Last Days of human history. We’re in the End Times, it is time to Get SIRIUS!

Song: “Illuminati” – Spiracy and Sirius [Mixtape: The Countdown]

Here’s a song called Illuminati, which pretty much explains what they are and their role in the New World Order. The Beat was produced by Spiracy, he also raps on the 1st verse, while I’m on the intro and the 2nd verse. I hope you like it, you can download it for free, or read the Lyrics here. I also wrote an article about the Illuminati, which explains in depth what they are, what they are doing, and how they fit into end time prophecy, in case you want to read it.

Illuminati: Hip Hop Industry

This is fact, so if you still wonder or have doubts, after having read Freemasonry in Hip Hop, please read this new article entitled Illuminati: Hip Hop Industry from start to finish, you’ll realize how most famous Hip Hop entertainers are now being controlled, directly or indirectly, by the Illuminati, many by becoming Freemasons, but all being Satan worshipers, who have sold their souls for money and fame.

Read the article here

Illuminati: Hip Hop Industry