Illuminati New World Order Game of Control [Update]

Another great update to the articles Illuminati: The Game and Illuminati Game on Point, showing many of the predictions made by the Illuminati New World Order Game created by Steve Jackson in 1995, as seen in the previews articles, many of its predictions have happened already and many are still in the cards, from Bill Clinton’s scandal to the Revolution in Egypt and the Mark of the Beast.

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Illuminati Card Game, a Plan for Control

Illuminati New World Order Card Game, right again!

Check out the interesting update to the article Illuminati: The Game, showing some more cards with a lot of revealing stuff on it, like for instance the most recent world catastrophes being shown in some of the cards of the game Illuminati: New World Order which was published in 1995, by Steve Jackson, as well as some cards possibly predictingother events for the near future.

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Illuminati Game on Point

Illuminati New World Order is a study about an interesting Card Game that was created in 1990 by a man named Steve Jackson. The game is called "Illuminati: New World Order", or INWO for short. Amazingly enough, this game has a lot of revealing information on what the Illuminati has been planing to do for many years in order to take total control over the Earth, which includes ultimately bringing the False-Messiah, also known as the "Anti-Christ".