Video: Run From The Future future tribulation will desolate the entire world, with all its people in it. When the Almighty shakes the heavens and the earth, Lucifer will fall and find its end. This is a warning to the world and to the enemy, time's up, "Run From The Future".

Video: U Copy? Hop Video Exposing the Illuminati and the New World Order (NWO) by Rap Artist Koresh. The Industry is full of Copies produced by the System of the Beast.

Info: Satanic Symbolism in Hollywood Movies [Illuminati Control]

The video starts with an Axe Commercial, in which we can see Angels falling from heaven to follow the scent of a man, making reference to the Fallen Angels of the time of Noah. There are also scenes from the movie “Lilo & Stitch”, showing how Stitch plays the role of Lucifer, being called project 6-66. Satan himself transforms into an angel of light, this is implied in another movie called “The Master of Disguise”, which is also full of symbolism, showing the Eye of Horus, the Pyramid, Serpents and false elohim (‘gods’), like Shiva the Destroyer.

Info: Belinda & Pitbull Exposed | 3D TV’s and the Coming Deception

Here’s a video which mentions a little bit about Alan Parsons, a man who had the Spirit of Antichrist and had a lot to do with Aleister Crowley, Magic Rituals and Occultism. There’s also footage exposing a very famous Latin entertainer named Belinda, specifically one of her music videos called “Egoista” (“Selfish”), featuring the rapper Pitbull. The video shows very obvious Masonic symbolism, like the Skull, Baphomet and Checkered Floors.

Info: Daddy Yankee & Brazilian Hip Hop Exposed [Illuminati in Music]

Hi everyone, here is a short video displaying some more of the obvious control which the Illuminati has over the Music Industry, showing a couple of Latin entertainers, ‘coincidentally’ using a lot of Illuminati and Freemason symbolism, like Pyramids, Skulls, Black and White checkered patterns, the All seeing Eye of Lucifer, etc.

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