Info: Illuminati Symbolism in NederHop [Satanism in Music]

The following video will show some more of the Satanic Illuminati Symbolism being used in the Hip Hop industry, this time focusing on rap from the Netherlands, which is known as Nederhop. You’ll see many examples of renown Hip Hop entertainers from the Netherlands, using the same symbols and doing all the hand signs, as the rest of Illuminati puppets around the world.

Info: Michael Jackson, 2Pac and Notorious BIG’s Death, a Conspiracy

Here’s a video in which the Comedian Dave Chappelle talks about how sick is the Entertainment Industry, plus the hard decisions he had to make because of it. Afterwards, you’ll listen to a song by Kanye West, in which he is obviously talking about the Illuminati, those having control over him, by saying in his lyrics “so when you talk about you know who, I don’t know who you talking bout”, making obvious reference to Secret Societies.

Info: The Beast Machine | Silibil & Brains fool the System to Expose it

This video will show a great example of how the Music Industry, also known as the Machine, works to shape all artists into a certain mold, to have a negative influence over the masses. Watch what goes on when people try to make it in the Industry, as Amy Winehouse called it, how they try to shape you into a “Big Triangle Shape” (Illuminati Pyramid), basically into whatever they need in order to introduce the culture of the New World Order, preparing society to accept Satan as God.

Info: CNN talking about Freemasons and Rick Ross Exposed as One

Hi everybody, here is a video showing a news report on CNN, talking about the role that Freemasons had in the formation of the United States, showing their symbols, the many influential people that were and are part of it, as well as the fact of how secret and real it is. There is also an interview with Rick Ross, talking about the song Freemason, which happens to feature Jay Z.

Info: Jay Z and Busta Rhymes’ Oath of Secrecy [Satanism in Music]

The video will mainly focus on Jay Z and what he said in his song “D’Evils”, showing his alliance to the Illuminati through his lyrics which represent the Oath, swearing to give his life before speaking about the Secret Society and their plan of world domination under Lucifer as God. Besides this, there’s footage of an interview from a while back, in which Jay Z explains how the Eye on the One dollar Bill is the Devil. Also, check out a piece from a track by NORE featuring Busta Rhymes, entitled “The Oath”, in which Busta confesses to be something like a Mason, therefore in a Secret Society, saying that he will die before breaking the Oath.

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