Info: One World under the Influence of Satanic Secret Societies

Check out this short video, showing a news report talking about the new structure which replaced the Twin Towers in New York. The new tower is 1776 feet tall, using symbolism as they always do, since in 1776 is when the Illuminati was established and began working for a New World Order through the United States, all the way from its faction in Columbia, England, reason why they decided to start the country (Company) of the United States that same year, with its headquarters coincidently in Washington D.C. (District of Columbia).

Info: Mind Control, the Wizard of Oz, and the Industry

A quick video, which basically shows how the Illuminati uses Mind Control on their entertainers, in order to fulfill their sick agenda of world domination under their god Lucifer. The easiest way of getting that control over their minds, is by asking them to make an oath, in which they sell their souls to Satan, other times they just cause a great number of traumatic events on the subject since kids, in order for their personalities to split into different ‘compartments’ in which demons can operate in our reality through them, while the real mind of the person stays in ‘Wonder Land’.

Info: Erykah Badu Exposed [Satanism in Music]

The following video shows some interesting details about the fact that Satanism has infiltrated the Music Industry, mainly by exposing the Hip Hop singer called Erykah Badu, who shows to be simply another puppet of the Illuminati, working for the System, to establish the New World Order with the False Messiah as god.

Rappers who Sold their Souls

What’s up everybody, I’m back with another article exposing d’evils in the Music Industry, check out this study in which I try to show you enough facts to make everyone realize that most well known rappers or artists in general have gotten to the point of literally selling their souls to the Devil to receive the fame and fortune they crave so much, it is plainly said in the lyrics of artists like Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, Eminem, and many others.

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Artists who Sold their Souls