Info: The Beast Machine | Silibil & Brains fool the System to Expose it

This video will show a great example of how the Music Industry, also known as the Machine, works to shape all artists into a certain mold, to have a negative influence over the masses. Watch what goes on when people try to make it in the Industry, as Amy Winehouse called it, how they try to shape you into a “Big Triangle Shape” (Illuminati Pyramid), basically into whatever they need in order to introduce the culture of the New World Order, preparing society to accept Satan as God.

Info: CNN talking about Freemasons and Rick Ross Exposed as One

Hi everybody, here is a video showing a news report on CNN, talking about the role that Freemasons had in the formation of the United States, showing their symbols, the many influential people that were and are part of it, as well as the fact of how secret and real it is. There is also an interview with Rick Ross, talking about the song Freemason, which happens to feature Jay Z.

Info: Daddy Yankee & Brazilian Hip Hop Exposed [Illuminati in Music]

Hi everyone, here is a short video displaying some more of the obvious control which the Illuminati has over the Music Industry, showing a couple of Latin entertainers, ‘coincidentally’ using a lot of Illuminati and Freemason symbolism, like Pyramids, Skulls, Black and White checkered patterns, the All seeing Eye of Lucifer, etc.