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Illuminati’s Satanic control over the Industry

Hello everyone, today I brought y'all a video part of a series called Killuminati Tupac exposing the illuminati, please watch the video closely, it starts with Snoop Dogg's cartoon "Snoop's Dogg's Hood of Horror" explaining how is it that selling your soul to the devil works and other images strongly associating him with evil, then also some pictures of Jay Z with his infamous "Do what Thou Wilt" shirt, from the saying of the self proclaim Beast 666 Aleister Crowley, the wickedest man in the world, according to the press back then, which he wrote in the Book of Law, it is called the Law Thelema and states that you are meant to "Do what thou wilt, being this the whole of the law", so do what you want that's the entire law, of course with the intention of letting people give in to their darkest desires, the most sinful wishes, give in to the passions of the flesh, leaving in this way the Spirit (likeness of YHWH), on the side becoming nothing more than animals in human form. Check out the several pictures of "stars" of nowadays doing the many evil hand signs, masonic handshakes and wearing other pieces of clothing glorifying Lucifer and his followers.

Of course 2Pac had to be in the video since that is what the series focuses on, showing how 2Pac woke up to the truth and decided to speak out and do his part, awake the masses, which got him killed since The Powers That Be could not afford such an Artist with such influence(power) over so many people, talk about what is going on behind the scenes, the video shows some interviews talking about all the false accusations against him that started right after he woke up and began going against Illuminati, also an interview with Professor Griff from the Hip Hop Group Public Enemy, talking about how you have to sell your soul if you wish to be at the top of the entertainment industry.


I know the law hate me dearly, comin for me
We outlaws
, thugged out, niggas runnin on E

- 2pac - "Runnin' on E"

May YHWH Bless 2Pac!

‘I am the Mighty One of Abraham, the Mighty One of Isaac, and the Mighty One of Jacob’?
YHWH is not the Mighty One of the dead, but of the living.”
- Matthew 22:32 -

The Mighty One of the dead is he to whom mainstream entertainers sell their souls, for the fortune and fame they receive, he who rules over those that are dead even while being alive. As long as one doesn't accept the resurrection, he or she remains under the rule of this one, the mighty one(god) of this world, because they remain in the flesh and the flesh is destined for the worms to eat it, so it depends on what your soul may hold on to, to the spirit or the flesh, what your destiny will be at the end of the age, but Yahushúa the Messiah Bought them ALL through His blood, so that all they need to do to receive eternal life, is to accept him as savior, accept his sacrifice, which is the price he paid for YOUR soul, to die in your place even though he had not sin so was not supposed to die according to the Law(Torah), defeating in this way the "god of this World" Lucifer, so that you don't have to be under his rule any longer, but be free by knowing the truth, and the Truth is Yahushúa, who brought to usthe Favor of YHWH Almighty, Free eternal life for ALL who Believe in Him

Peace and Blessings y'all.

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