Info: Masonic Symbolism in Entertainment | Ritual Ends Badly

The following video shows several scenes from movies and music videos in which Masonic symbolism is used. Kanye West in his Short-film “Runaway”, doing the “As above, so Below” of Baphomet. Several entertainers are shown doing the Oath of Baphomet, just like Masons do in the lodge, plus check out how the News reported the story of an actor from the show Ugly Betty, who after attending a Masonic lodge and taking part in an initiation ritual, went back home to kill his mother with a sword.

Kanye West Sold his Soul to the Devil…

Here’s a new article, this time focusing only on Kanye West, who has given enough material to show proof of his deal with the devil for fortune and fame next to his involvement with secret societies, read it by clicking the link below and spread it like wild fire, let the world know who they are listening to and who their kids are looking up to, blessings everyone.

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Kanye West Sold his Soul

Freemasons in Hip Hop's a detailed and well documented explanation of how most Hip Hop entertainers are part of the Freemasons, as nothing more than pawns in their game. In this article I focus on Jay Z, Kanye West and Nas, three of the main puppets in the entertainment industry used by the heads of the New World Order for mass control.