Info: Michael Jackson, 2Pac and Notorious BIG’s Death, a Conspiracy

Here’s a video in which the Comedian Dave Chappelle talks about how sick is the Entertainment Industry, plus the hard decisions he had to make because of it. Afterwards, you’ll listen to a song by Kanye West, in which he is obviously talking about the Illuminati, those having control over him, by saying in his lyrics “so when you talk about you know who, I don’t know who you talking bout”, making obvious reference to Secret Societies.

Info: Satanism in the Music Industry [Illuminati Control]

Check out the following video, exposing more of the Satanism in the Music Industry. This one will focus on Will Smith & Jada Pinkett’s daughter, Willow Smith, who seems to have been some type of offering to the system, from the way that she’s been acting. Lately, there has been a lot of talk about this little girl, who is sadly being driven down the road of perdition at such a young age by her blind parents, so I decided to post this video talking about her.

Info: Kanye West’s ‘Power’ Exposed [Satanism in Music]

I have received some emails and comments concerning Kanye West’s video “Power”, and even though it is just a short video, is enough to see once again Kanye’s Satanic affiliation, using a whole bunch of symbolism, making himself to be god, with illuminated eyes, having a halo above his head, in between the Masonic Temple Pillars, with the huge head of Horus (Antichrist) hanging off his neck, women with horns, representing fallen angels, like Baphomet, also water bearers, representing the age of Aquarius beginning at the moment according to many people, and the New Agers associate it with the coming of their teacher, the False-Messiah.

Kanye West Sold his Soul to the Devil…

Here’s a new article, this time focusing only on Kanye West, who has given enough material to show proof of his deal with the devil for fortune and fame next to his involvement with secret societies, read it by clicking the link below and spread it like wild fire, let the world know who they are listening to and who their kids are looking up to, blessings everyone.

Read the article here

Kanye West Sold his Soul

Freemasons in Hip Hop's a detailed and well documented explanation of how most Hip Hop entertainers are part of the Freemasons, as nothing more than pawns in their game. In this article I focus on Jay Z, Kanye West and Nas, three of the main puppets in the entertainment industry used by the heads of the New World Order for mass control.