Info: Mind Control, KRS-One and T.I. Exposed [Satanism in Hip Hop]

Here’s another video exposing Satanism in Hip Hop, and all the control that goes on in the Music Industry. This one starts with Michael Jackson exposing the System, after he realized they were completely manipulating his career and ultimately his life, reason why he started to speak out, which eventually ended up causing his dead, by the hidden hand of the Illuminati.

Was Michael Jackson’s death a Hoax? [Update]

Hello everybody, I have gotten thousands of visits for my articles on Michael Jackson’s death, so here I leave you with the latest update on it, or possible Hoax, according to many of his fans and a lot of supposed evidence, so on this article I expose the possibility of his death being a hoax or a ritualistic sacrifice done by the Illuminati as mentioned in the previous articles on the subject, it took me a while to put everything together since there are so many different theories now and so much evidence on the case, but I finally got to put everything in one article, enjoy, blessings.

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Michael Jackson Dead or Alive?

Michael Jackson’s Death, a Ritualistic Murder?

Please read this article if you believe Michael Jackson’s death to be a bit suspicious.

I was able to make some interesting connections after some research, which might help you understand the possible motives for the Illuminati taking Michael out right around this time, and the reasons why they specially chose him instead of any other famous person.

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Illuminati : Michael Jackson