Info: Britney Spears Exposed as Mind Control Victim [MK Ultra]

Here’s a great video exposing the Mind Control that the Illuminati has been using over celebrities, such as Britney Spears, who in the video is revealed as a victim of Mk Ultra. There’s footage of the time in which she broke out of her programming and decided to cut all of her hair, as well as a very disturbing interview in which she changes personalities right on camera, when the reporter asked her something which was hard for her to handle emotionally, so one of her Alters (Demons) called “Strong Britney” had to come out to the “rescue”.

Info: Mind Control, the Wizard of Oz, and the Industry

A quick video, which basically shows how the Illuminati uses Mind Control on their entertainers, in order to fulfill their sick agenda of world domination under their god Lucifer. The easiest way of getting that control over their minds, is by asking them to make an oath, in which they sell their souls to Satan, other times they just cause a great number of traumatic events on the subject since kids, in order for their personalities to split into different ‘compartments’ in which demons can operate in our reality through them, while the real mind of the person stays in ‘Wonder Land’.

Info: Mind Control, KRS-One and T.I. Exposed [Satanism in Hip Hop]

Here’s another video exposing Satanism in Hip Hop, and all the control that goes on in the Music Industry. This one starts with Michael Jackson exposing the System, after he realized they were completely manipulating his career and ultimately his life, reason why he started to speak out, which eventually ended up causing his dead, by the hidden hand of the Illuminati.

Info: Secret Societies control Hip Hop [Satanism in Music]

In the following video you’ll see many rappers being exposed as Sell Outs, in many cases, even through their own words. You’ll listen to Rick Ross letting everyone know where his Masonic Lodge is located, also Nas telling his fans where he goes to hide from the cops, which also happens to be his Masonic Lodge, revealing how cops have no authority over Freemasons, since Masons are part of the Illuminati and they basically run the country, even the whole world.

Info: Tom and Jerry Sign a Contract with the Illuminati

In the video, you’ll see Tom and Jerry signing a contract with the Illuminati, after their new boss has a meeting with the President of Hollywood, who is an Egyptian Demon (Hermes), taking the shape of a Pharaoh, after walking through a dimensional portal. The Demon Pharaoh is worshipped by the Hollywood Executives, and is the one who tells them what to do after announcing his arrival through the special Pyramid telephone.

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