Song: “The Law” everyone, I hope you’re doing great, today I brought you another song, entitled “The Law”, speaking about the importance of the Commandments written in Scriptures, the relevance of following the Torah, and of course, the necessity of having the Lawyer (Yahushua) for Judgement Day.

Song: “Prison” song pretty much explains, on a Spiritual level, what the Movie “Matrix” was trying to portray. Society is trapped, the Enemy has created a Mental Prison through the many lies they tell over the News, the many programs they put on TV, the false science they teach our kids in school, and the doctrines of demons found in Churches, no matter the religion. Besides this mental Prison, there's also the flesh, which is like a Jail that tries to keep us locked in Sin, as slaves feeding the Ego. Ergo, the first line in the song: "We’re living in a Jail that’s inside a Prison".

Album: 2 SIRIUS [B] hope you keep visiting the page for all that is on the way, I'll be adding a lot of important information, regarding the End Times, Secret Societies and the Name of the Almighty, as well as songs and all kinds of other material very soon, trying to keep everyone updated with what I do and with the facts of the world in which we are living, through Hip Hop Music, Quick Posts, Videos, Articles, Books, etc.

Info: Satanic Symbolism in Hollywood Movies [Illuminati Control]

The video starts with an Axe Commercial, in which we can see Angels falling from heaven to follow the scent of a man, making reference to the Fallen Angels of the time of Noah. There are also scenes from the movie “Lilo & Stitch”, showing how Stitch plays the role of Lucifer, being called project 6-66. Satan himself transforms into an angel of light, this is implied in another movie called “The Master of Disguise”, which is also full of symbolism, showing the Eye of Horus, the Pyramid, Serpents and false elohim (‘gods’), like Shiva the Destroyer.

Info: Belinda & Pitbull Exposed | 3D TV’s and the Coming Deception

Here’s a video which mentions a little bit about Alan Parsons, a man who had the Spirit of Antichrist and had a lot to do with Aleister Crowley, Magic Rituals and Occultism. There’s also footage exposing a very famous Latin entertainer named Belinda, specifically one of her music videos called “Egoista” (“Selfish”), featuring the rapper Pitbull. The video shows very obvious Masonic symbolism, like the Skull, Baphomet and Checkered Floors.