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Oprah Exposed as New Age False Prophetess

Here's a nice, small video showing how the so famous and wealthy Oprah has been working hard for the Illuminati agenda, posing as a Christian, like everyone else, while promoting nothing but deception, wolves in sheep clothing, propagating paganism and basically the same idea of Aleister Crowley, do what thou wilt, since to her there's no sin and "Jesus is not the only way". Notice also in the video something very important, after the Pastor says that Oprah is leading everyone straight to hell, the reporter which through the whole thing had this face of unbelief to put down the comments of the Pastor, says that Oprah is also doing a great job promoting the President, in relation to leading them to Obama, even though he was not president yet, then she retracts and fixes it saying, who she hopes will be our next president, it should be clear to y'all that is all game.


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