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Satanic Symbolism in Hip Hop and Hollywood

Here's a video I had posted before everything suddenly disappeared from the site, what I had written got deleted so here we go again, the video is part of the series Satanism in Hip Hop, it shows several scenes from movies and music videos in which all the Illuminati Satanic symbolism is used, you'll see Baby from Cash Money doing the Horns with his hand while having a Pentagram on the top of his head, Masonic symbolism as well with Kanye West on his Short-film "Runaway" doing the "As above, so Below" of Baphomet, the god of Freemasons, representing bringing the kingdom of Lucifer to earth, being the counterfeit of the Scriptures when Yahushúa is praying to His Father YHWH (Pronounced Yahweh/Yahuéh) and tells him "Let your will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven". There is also some important symbolism shown in the reality show with DJ's like Just Blaze, called Master of the Mix, having the two headed eagle, which is one of the main symbols of Masonry , for the 33rd Degree and it represents their control over the East and the West, over the "good" and the bad of this world, and most importantly the mixing of two "deities", to create the perfect god or false messiah for the whole world to follow and worship, by mixing Apollyon and Jesus, the eagle actually represents the Phoenix which is Lucifer and you can see it's representation also in the Runaway short-film sitting right next to Kanye by the end of the video, talking about how she has to burn, for the new world to come, the Phoenix also being represented the United States, having the Eagle as it's seal on the One Dollar Bill, also several entertainers doing the Oath of Baphomet just like Masons do in the lodge, check out the news report of the Actor from Ugly Betty who after attending a Masonic lodge and taking part in an initiation ritual, when back home to kill his mother with a sword, showing how demonic possession takes place during this rituals, finishing with more symbolism in Cartoon Network, and the satanic influences over other entertainers like The Game, Lil Wayne, and others, there is a lot going on, people must open their eyes for all these signs, blessings y'all.


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