Info: Illuminati Symbolism in NederHop [Satanism in Music]

The following video will show some more of the Satanic Illuminati Symbolism being used in the Hip Hop industry, this time focusing on rap from the Netherlands, which is known as Nederhop. You’ll see many examples of renown Hip Hop entertainers from the Netherlands, using the same symbols and doing all the hand signs, as the rest of Illuminati puppets around the world.

Info: Masonic Symbolism in Entertainment | Ritual Ends Badly

The following video shows several scenes from movies and music videos in which Masonic symbolism is used. Kanye West in his Short-film “Runaway”, doing the “As above, so Below” of Baphomet. Several entertainers are shown doing the Oath of Baphomet, just like Masons do in the lodge, plus check out how the News reported the story of an actor from the show Ugly Betty, who after attending a Masonic lodge and taking part in an initiation ritual, went back home to kill his mother with a sword.

Info: Jay Z and Busta Rhymes’ Oath of Secrecy [Satanism in Music]

The video will mainly focus on Jay Z and what he said in his song “D’Evils”, showing his alliance to the Illuminati through his lyrics which represent the Oath, swearing to give his life before speaking about the Secret Society and their plan of world domination under Lucifer as God. Besides this, there’s footage of an interview from a while back, in which Jay Z explains how the Eye on the One dollar Bill is the Devil. Also, check out a piece from a track by NORE featuring Busta Rhymes, entitled “The Oath”, in which Busta confesses to be something like a Mason, therefore in a Secret Society, saying that he will die before breaking the Oath.

Info: Beyonce is Demon Possessed [Satanism in Music]

The video explains the symbolism behind the song “Crazy in Love”, in which Sasha Fierce was born. There’s an analyzes of the official video for the song, which is full of symbolism, showing how Jay Z basically spiritually killed the good Beyonce, to give birth to the evil Sasha Fierce, through an obvious visual ritual. After that, the video shows Beyonce going into a lot more detail concerning Sasha Fierce, even to the point of explaining how before performing at the BET Awards, she raised her arms, and she literally felt the entity entering her, explaining further, how the one that actually performs, is Sasha Fierce and not Beyonce. Lastly, there’s footage of Jay Z and Beyonce sitting at a Basketball game, in which one can clearly see the signs of Hypnotism and Mind Control in Beyonce, as she rocks left and right, eyes lost, like just an empty vessel, or a programed robot in standby.

Info: Eminem and the Illuminati [Satanism in Music]

The video below presents some interesting points about Eminem, showing lyrics in which he himself confesses to have Sold his Soul to the Devil. Plus there’s some footage from interviews, in which he kinda shows regret for the death of his friend Proof, as confirming the fact that he had something to do with it, since he was sacrificed for Eminem’s career, as it was predicted in his video “Toy Soldiers”.

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